Today’s symbol for Taurus 4° is The Pot Of Gold At The End Of The Rainbow and I’m just not feeling it. Maybe because it’s such a trite image or maybe because I woke up on the wrong side of the bed. I had imagined the rainbow two days ago when writing about the electrical storm and now here it is. Just seems a bit convenient and cliché. Also I feel like the messages of these oracles are starting to repeat a bit. If today is about linking the earthly and the divine via that rainbow, I feel that we have done that. But I do like the idea of a pot of gold. I could use one of those right about now. Who doesn’t want some kind of an assist like a bolt out of the blue. Being a self-starter who lives by my wits, I’m not given to magical thinking when it comes to money. But, again, I think I woke up in a mood; and I was just thinking how nice it would be to not have so much responsibility and just be taken care of for a change. This is so unlike me to say; but I think because I don’t have any family in either direction, I don’t have the luxury, really, of letting others take the wheel or just crawling back into the bosom of those who might cradle me, metaphorically speaking. Just for a day, I’d like to be like a kid again, and not have to shop or cook or clean or pay a bill. I would just like to be coddled a bit. Does this have anything to do with a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow? Probably not.

But that’s all I got today folks. I need a little breather.

Postscript: In a twelve-fold sequence, this symbol would fall under the rule of the sign of Capricorn, which is the goat-horn of plenty, in effect that pot of gold. The rainbow is a connection between our earthly existence and heavenly experience, mortal and divine existence. True bounty being spiritual bounty. And, yes, this alone is a solid interpretation of today’s oracle in that we have daily opportunities to amass spiritual riches. It is indeed far easier to do so than it is to make material gain. Living by the golden rule, for starters, is the easiest way to fill our non-material coffers. In mythology, the goat-horn contained the nectar of the gods, that which nourished their divinity. And with every kindness, good deed or thought, we find our own divine nature being fed and sustained. Capricorn is the sign of active faith, acting in a manner that expresses belief in our ultimate bounty, our personal resource. It’s motto is I use, that is to say I do not waste or squander said resources but employ every fiber of our being to insure my ultimate fulfillment. This is the opposite of leaving anything to chance. “Luck is the residue of design.”

 That pot of gold is wrought from faith and filled with the collateral of our actions. The rainbow isn’t a road lined with good intentions. It is a revelation of spiritual innuity. Faith is the highest form of feeling, the ultimate emotional investment being in our self-fulfillment. The pot of gold isn’t a fairy favor, it’s the sum total of our commitment to and confidence in ourselves. It’s the resulting manfiestion of our employing every fiber of our being to become the highest version of ourselves. The pot of gold might have real coins in it, ultimately. True bounty doesn’t distinguish between material and non-material wealth—on this rarified level, value is value and its own reward. Still, those who recognize their own worth, and leave no stone unturned in their aspiration to fully realize it, rarely want for anything. The pot of gold is not the goal, nor is it something given, it contains the measure of our merit and is something we ourselves carried into this world. It has always been with us and shall ever be.

 Take stock of your actions and your endeavors. Are they adding to your pot of gold? Are they illuminating a path toward it. Or are you squandering your gifts and talents and time and energy? You decide what adds up or not to your ultimate fulfillment. It is the same as that which inspires faith in yourself. Faith isn’t automatic, it isn’t a fleeting feeling. It is, along with prosperity, a sustained emotion. We cannot manufacture this feeling. We invest it in our right actions, it suffuses them and endows them with enduring energy. Faith is our ultimate resource and we just might find, when we get to the end of that rainbow and gaze into that pot of gold, that what we mainly see there, glittering back up at us, is a giant heap of that self-same stuff fear-vanquishing stuff: The residuals of a faithful design.


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