Cancer 19° (July 9)


Actually took the bus right across the way to Provincetown to catch the ferry. It was late arriving but we got to the ferry in plenty of time. It was tolerable but I wouldn’t choose it as a favored mode of transport to be honest. I’m just about at the point where I will be able to focus on nothing else but the sample copy and the promotion of the festival and its fundraising. Things are definitely in a different position than they have been in the past but then again the whole world has gone crazy. I don’t think we would have ever imagined just how unhinged one fucked up president could make us all feel, that being the operative word. He is a Gemini in the worst imaginable form but all the adjectives used to describe him, and some of the verbs, too, are downright eery in their archetypal assignation. And it will feel good to escape a certain reality for awhile; there is some kind of marker about going away on significant trips. I will miss the Cape for sure all the while and I took a photo from our last beach walk to keep my mind sorted. Anyway the ferry was fine, the water calm as can be, but then we were rattled upon arrival.

It was very clear that she needed a “real taxi” so when we were approached and the beginning of the pier by a guy asking if we wanted one she very specifically asked are you a real taxi. His car did have writing on it and the whole taxi look but the authenticity would end there. Just about a block into the journey he started pushing the buttons on his meter saying that it wasn’t working and what did we want to do about it. I said we would give him ten bucks or something regardless as we were not prepared to get out of the taxi just on the onramp to 93, which was obviously the desired response. However he said it would be more like twenty. We just sort of said whatever and then he began huffing and puffing (at the traffic not at us) and cutting in and out of the crowded lanes and honking and we were like cool it right now. We managed to get to the hotel in one piece and then offered him twenty dollars. He held the bill in his hand while staring at us manaically as if to say it was not only not enough but that he was either on drugs or not right in the head. Unfortunately our usual bulldog of a doorman, Manny, was not there to play interference, but he started sort of threatening us and staring into S.’s wallet and it was seriously weird and uncomfortable. I should point out that at this point S. made it clear that he had no cab medallion, an accusation that he couldn’t defend. And in fact we were in a serious scam situation and really had been in some danger me thinks.

He continued to hold the bill out in front of us as if to say this is not enough when I lost it a little and just said okay you don’t want it? And I took the bill back. We then took a few photos of his car and his license plate and he was suddenly holding his hands up as if to say “you got me” and got back in his car but didn’t really leave. We then called the police but that was just a round about of leaving messages. Oh first S. called the taxi number on his car but that was just as scammy as the driver. Anyway it was not a big deal in the end but we were pretty shaken by the erratic driving mainly and the fact we felt unsafe. S. had to go off to an appointment and the room wasn’t ready so I headed to one of my favorite places just a block away the Cornish Pasty and had a nice chat with the boys there while they tried to fix the keg for half an hour to give me a draft beer that wasn’t totally flat like the first try. I got into a nice conversation with a fellow I hadn’t seen there before called Brandon who turned out to be (one of?) the owner. We talked about Michael Pollen and certain new breakthroughs and discoveries in psychology of which he was a student getting some kind of higher degree.

One thing he said was that it was discovered that birds’ brains are packed with neurons. Of course this immediately triggered a Gemini connection in that birds are archeypal of the sign and also the sign rules those firing neurons. Once again illustrating how the ancient Zodiac seems to know things in advance of scientific discoveries made millennia later. It was a fascinating chat all in all and he was talking about meeting this psychologist on the beach while collecting rocks and she was a specialist in rapid eye therapy. Anyway something about hearing that made me want to reach out and try and get some therapy on that score. I think because I’ve become something of a nervous driver (since the accident) I might benefit from something that treats post traumatic symptoms in this way. Anyway it was the first thing I’d heard of this sort that rung a bell. So the room was ready and I headed back and did a little bit of work and went for a walk in the air conditioned mall and strolled all the way to the Marriot and then back to Select to meet S. There was a couple waiting for the place to open as I was and we ended up chatting the three and then four of us. They are called Maria and Paul and we are definitely going to see them again. Maria has already texted S.

Back to the hotel I took a very quick nap and then we went down to have dinner with N. and G. I don’t know if it was the beer or the nap or a combination of both but I was in an “on” mood entertaining the troops (or hijacking the conversation depending on how you look at it). In any case it was a jolly evening for me and the food (at Uni) is bloody delicious and N. and G. really liked it and they got to meet our friends at the Eliot who take such good care of us and it was a lot of fun. And I was asleep early. I have been sleeping a lot lately. From the moment I got on the ferry actually I realized how tired I’ve been. I do tend to overwork this time of year but especially this season for some reason the hill feels more uphill and I do have this proposal and sample chapter weighing on me a bit as I try to keep the festival afloat and not have to sink all my own money into it while having written next year’s books and launched the tee-shirts with Tim and getting the new product, and all the spokes of doing so, into place. It is a lot.


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