Sagittarius 7° (November 29)

New Book Intro:


In the decade plus years since the publishing of Sextrology, our seminal work, we have continued to develop our theories and notions about what it means to be the star-sign you are, and what resources for self-empowerment does your symbolically rich star-sign provide. The “estate” of each sign is comprised of so many archetypally charged symbols, numbers, planets, myths, elements, metaphysics, animal and plant totems, and objects of power. But the forces of the Zodiac aren’t static but infinitely DYNAMIC, round and round on what astrology would hope for you is an upwardly spiral staircase.

As soon as we put pencils down on Sextrology we began to fill notebooks for what could come next. And it turned out what comes next is what comes next. We’re going to bridge the genres of astrology and personal development here, for the first time, to employ the Zodiac, in this volume, to determine DIRECTION for each of the signs


with its mysterious symbol and planetary guidance and mythic association





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