Sagittarius 6° (November 28)

I’m hard pressed to make a reckoning of what all might have happened since we created that range of jewelry way back when. We had the notion you see to create a range of jewelry, based on the symbology, and even original designs thereof we had made up to illustrate our books, into a collection of charm necklaces by sign. Jewelers we knew with their own collection called Ten Thousand Things said they wanted to do it. So we created twelve charm necklaces for women, with five specific charms of our own divining. These are what got the major press in magazines. And there was another line of more unisex necklaces in an i-d pendant style. They were a big hit commercially, which was perhaps unexpected. Anyway, it was a beautiful experiment but our collaborators were focused on their own brand. As were we. We kept the name, but it was lodged in the backs of our brains that we would some day soon pick up that ball and run with it. And over the years we began to design the concept for what AsterCast should be: The most beautiful and truly empowering fully customizable collection of potent charms, amulets and precious stones that the customer can arrange in powerful combinations.

I must make it so I need the sense of creating demonitized dynasty. Since last incarnation we published a second major book as well as launched a series of yearly astrology books. One of us got a master’s degree in psychology, we hosted a successful radio show and guested regularly on top-rated cable shows, we contributed columns to, among others, Allure, Vogue Paris and German Glamour magazines and to The Daily Beast. As fashion and design experts of note, we contriuted numerous features to Neimann Marcus’ The Book as well as collaborating with, creating content for: Chandelier, MAC, Kyle Minogue, Selfridges, Harvey Nichols, Marc Jacobs, Colette, Nokia.

We formed a festival, in its 8th year and 3rd year series at American Repertory Theater . Stella is creator of American Baroness, a TK and Quinn is creator of the Cosmic Blague, a daily reckoning of a life careening through space at TK MPH on an orb with a circumference of X and a diameter of Y. Peformed a Starsky + Cox musical show.


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