Taurus 22° (May 12)

Went back to Gregory’s to do a bit of laundry. Making salad of cucumber, tomato, feta, herbs. Working till about ten o’clock. Quite a busy night.

Aquarius Man

If Capricorn is about preserving the past, Aquarius is the unwritten future, from whence the male Waterbearer seems to have traveled. In youth, he is distinguished as being different. His unique brand of intelligence mightn’t conform to conventional standards; and he is drawn to new, nascent areas of interest. His penchants may be unpredictable; but he is creature of routine, if working odd hours—he tends to be nocturnal. He may have scores of acquaintances, followers really, but few close friends. He is an outlier, bucking systems he was brought up in, finding comfort with fellow fringe dwellers. Often an ugly duckling, he typically matures into an alluring, imposing figure. Still, he will always possess a deep sensitivity, a gooey center of vulnerability. He is infamously detached, even disdainfully cliquish, revenge of the nerd. Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, named for the primordial god of the universe (space) whose name means to rain or urinate, befitting the Waterbearer. Uranus was castrated by his son Cronus (Saturn), and from his severed bits sprang to life numerous beings, including the goddess of love. John the Baptist, too, facilitates (re)birth, paving the way for his cousin JC, who is also love. Aquarius is likewise a front-runner, a lone voice in the wilderness, bringing radical views, sticking his neck out, often losing his head in his ideas. Born into this fixed-air sign, symbolized by a star (The Star card in Tarot portrays the Waterbearer), Aquarius espouses fixed ideas, truths, and convictions; the paradox being that these truths aren’t necessarily self-evident, yet. As they say: science fiction of today becomes science fact of tomorrow. It’s like the advent of evolution itself. Sudden mutation is the quirk that becomes the mainstay, ensuring survival. The cupbearers to the gods poured nectar of immortality. Aquarius is a metaphorical mutant, pouring out his progressive viewpoints. On the shadow side, he can play the guru serving up some Kool-Aid, a need for adoration by and control of others becoming blown out of pathological proportion.

            I know is Aquarius’ motto. While it points to something of an eidetic memory, his computer of a brain, it also points to his emphatic convictions and, on a negative note, snap decisions and judgments. He is all too quick to affix labels onto people—he might not make fast friends, but he can create instant enmity. As marginalized as he is growing up, like a victim of abuse, he can become an abuser himself, holding himself up as that proverbial star, high on his own popularity, looking upon others as the little people. As much as it sounds like exaggeration, megalomania can be a real trap for this guy who can be the least empathetic of all the signs. Unlike his opposite sign of Leo, ruled by the Sun, a star, who seeks to be the center of intimate attention, this Uranus-ruled man is most inclined to crave universal appeal. Hopefully, he will settle for a cult following for his innovative ideas, artistry, or inventions. He knows he is ahead of his time, one way or another, and he must cultivate patience for any credit he feels is due him.

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