Pisces 1° (February 20)

Macs for  Oysters, Salmon Skin Roll, Shrimp and Grits will be how the day ends. In the meantime I’m just doing work and trying to make contact. Nothing major to report. Taxes are all up to date. All the bills paid, I’s dotted, T’s crossed. That type of thing. I’m in touch with Kip and Bonnie and Greg and others. Trying to keep it real. I have a list a mile long of what needs doing and I ams hitting my marks as best I can under the circumstances. Credit wise I made a leap, which Is cool. January 1

A classic navy blue is your enviable hue. No matter your background, there is Yankee in your blood, a determination to do things yourself with a stiff upper lip. You don’t need what you don’t have, which brings untold abundance of both material and moral riches.

January 2

The congealed red color carmine speaks to emotional scars all Capricorn scapegoats bear. It’s a red badge not just of courage or survival but spiritual ascension. Blesser is French for “to wound”, and yet it’s where we get the word: blessed. See where we’re going here?

January 3

Bole is a rosey shade of brown that portrays the guileless beauty embedded in your earthy person of substance. You prize your wise and honorable mind, amping your sensuality all the more. Add that clownish humor, which always causes a stir, and you’re a triple threat.

January 4

You project the majesty of snow, inspiring longing anticipation in loved ones, yet enough foreboding that others fear to tread on you. You’ll settle for nothing less than carving out a private wonderland in this lifetime, a finely crafted, comfortable corner of the wild world.

January 5

Are you cinereous? From the Latin word for ashes, often applied to gorgeous gray birds, it portrays your power to rise in flight from any so-called ruin. You bring on challenges. They send you higher toward success and self-awareness, making you ever more smokin’.

January 6

You’re as tender as your faun-colored aura, but you’re no babe in the woods. You’ve seen more than most, but you have an ever-renewing energy that keeps jaded, sad or bitter feelings at bay. Grace under pressure, there is no arena too big for you to play and win in.

January 7

The russet aura of your day inspires faith and confidence. It’s a color of bounty that speaks to the simple gifts of life. Health, home, family, community. These are your major motivators. You can’t chase any of them; they must be cultivated with careful constancy. 

January 8

Radiating a rich sienna, you portray primal energy of that hue, a predominant pigment in early cave paintings. You know you’re an old soul, who came intact with lessons learned. Any major ones? That living can be an act of kindness. And you need less than you think.

January 9        

You’re all over, smoky topaz, suggesting a love affair with culture and correct company. Not to say you’re a snob. Your rarified social enclave is based on inherent class, not the inherited kind. At times materially overindulgent, you never lose your innate spirituality.

January 10

Your melon aura-glow says you’re a melancholy baby who transcends singing the blues. Happy, in fact, for your infamous dark nights of the soul, they provide material for creative expression, not to mention emotional depth you bring to personal relationships.

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