Pisces 2° (February 21)

I will repeat last night’s menu, but this night will see Sioban and her friend Chase, who is a yoga teacher. I am trying to rewrite my history and headline a bit. So far I’ve mentioned to her and Mac and Todd, so that’s three venues where I can hopefully make some extra. Desiree beams back in and everyone is having to get used to the new reality. 

STELLA STARSKY + QUINN COX, a  real-life married couple, are renowned authors, astrologers, metaphysicians, and cultural arbiters. They are consultants and coaches to fashion, art and entertainment industry leaders on an international scale.  Stella and Quinn received their training at the London Faculty of Astrological Studies. Quinn is widely recognized for his credible psychic and intuitive abilities. Stella holds a Master of Science degree in Applied Positive Psychology from the University of East London and is pursuing another degree in X from X; she is also a certified meditation guide.  

Starsky + Cox reinvented the genre of astrology with their groundbreaking, best-selling book Sextrology (HarperCollins) which has sold upwards of a half a million copies worldwide. Referred to as “the red bible” and translated into fifteen foreign editions, Sextrology launched at fashion bastions around the globe including Barneys in New York and Los Angeles, Colette in Paris, Selfridges in London and Harvey Nichols in Dublin and Edinburgh. The many outspoken fans of Sextrology include: Charlize Theron, Russell Brand, Parker Posey, Megan Fox, Isaac Mizrahi, Kelly Ripa, Rufus Wainwright, Sharon Stone, Cameron Diaz, Marc Jacobs, Scarlett Johansson, Kate Moss, Tori Amos, and JK Rowling. Sextrology was followed by Cosmic Coupling (Random House) and Starsky + Cox’s popular Haute Astrology yearly horoscope series. A new book and a television series based on their collected works is currently in the works pipeline. 

Starsky + Cox have partnered with and created content for Marc Jacobs, MAC Cosmetics, Sephora, Neiman Marcus, Chandelier Creative and Kylie Minogue. Additionally, Starsky + Cox have contributed to publications and sites worldwide, including Vogue ParisAllureCosmopolitanVanity Fair, The Daily Beast, Elle and Glamour. They have been were regular guests on “Chelsea Lately” and innumerable numerous other TV and radio programs. Starsky + Cox regularly present their Cosmic ClinicTM, offering on-the-spot astrological readings at corporate, private and charity functions. The duo have written and performed scores of starry themed musical comedy shows on notable stages including Joe’s Pub at The Public Theater in NYC, and the American Repertory Theater in Cambridge, MA.

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