Virgo 28°

So, last we saw Jesus, he returned from his Cancerian jaunt into the mystic landing a lush Leo life as King of Kings, performing Virgo alchemy and healing, spouting poetic parables from his Libra pulpit, wrestling personal demons of Scorpio desire, emerging rather changed, like Gandalf post Balrog, waxing ecstatically philosophical.

Enter the mutable-fire sign of Sagittarius ruled by Jupiter, named for the uber god of lightning, fire in the sky, triggering altered states of genius or madness. Either way a bit touched. Jupiter’s wife Juno, too, is blindingly radiant, a terrible wound but a gift of second sight. Sadge’s motto is I see, our vision being most expansive. Jupiter is growth, optimism, liberation, excess. (Sagittarius rules the liver.) And the thigh from which Jupiter gave birth to wild child Dionysus. The orgiastic god of wine, the ancient drug of choice for blowing ones mind, forging a stream between Libra consciousness and Scorpion unconscious.

Though you don’t need hooch to do so you must continue to blow your own minds, to expand your superelastic bubble brains with exposure to the exotic, the extreme, extrinsic exhultant. Education from the Latin Ex to draw out. Knowledge is power and Jupiter and Juno are gods of it!

Dionysus, with his pinecone septor, the pineal gland, the third eye, is the precursor of Jesus whose following spreads like wildfire in a purple haze. Superstar! Break on through. Light my fire. Are you experienced? Have you read the Ecclesiastes meaning “the big picture”? How about Blake? he’s a Sag? The Beat Poets? The Doors of Perception?


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