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For all Libra’s goodness and light, Scorpio is dubious of appearances and must dig below the surface. If Libra is the glaring light of consciousness Scorpio is the deep, dark unconscious.

Its ruler Pluto is god of the underworld. It’s the fixed-water sign, symbolic ice, crystals, gems wrought by subterranean heat and pressure, a metaphor for the subconscious where deep meaning lies. From poetic Psalms to wise Proverbs we’ve left Libra’s gleaming pulpit of to delve our own inner depths and the subversive, hidden elements of society.

We all really must make an effort to uncover what’s going on—in here—and out there. Societies, like people, are only as sick as their secrets and not to go all conspiracy theory on your ass but there’s lots we don’t know. Pluto in his cloak of invisibility, is also god of riches. Plutocracy.

One Scorpio motto is I desire. Desires are subconscious, seeming to exist in spite of ourselves. Gems buried alive in our psyches calling to be exhumed. Treasure guarded by inner dragons of fear, shame—repressed power that must be unleashed lest it consume us! Regenerative power. Scorpio does rules the genitalialalala. We have is another sign motto. It’s our urge to merge through sex or psychic possession… Or joint banking. The eight house is that of other people’s money. Sex, sleep, death: where we merge with each other, the unconscious, and the infinite. Eight is the lemniscate the symbol of infinity. Cause and effect…



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