Virgo 26°

So we’re superimposing the Zodiac against the Christ story. Not a sentence you hear every day. And against the bible itself. Cancer is the Flood Exodus. Leo is Kings, and Virgo is Job—a real piece of work. A broken figure. But that’s where the light gets in! Hold that thought! After Virgo/Job comes Libra/Psalms which is made up of poems, songs, prayers. If Virgo is function, then Libra is design. It’s conceptual. The Scales are the only inanimate sign. Libra is cardinal-air, Light, enlightening, beautiful principles, ideas, and aesthetics, ruled by Venus on the astral plane. Its archetypes are Astrea and Apollo, the god of light and all abstracts like order, reason, prophesy, poetry, music.

The seventh sign, seven notes to “the scales:. Apollo plays the lyre; and Psalms is lyrical, it’s lyrics, choir parts, actually, with directions like “light incense here”. Hello! They’re spells! The projection of thought forms. Inanimate but alive? Apollo is an oracular god and his high priestesses are white witches. So are Libra people on their infamous soap boxes. But we all must stand for some thing! Do you?

How about equality, democracy, liberty? Libra’s mottos I balance and We are, both champion harmony—the seventh house is that of relationships, “marriage” contracts, social ones especially. That navel-gazing conscience of Virgo now becomes a social conscience in Libra. And where the sign’s so-called opposite, Aries, is about that warrior Mars, Libra is a propenent of peace. But to be a proponent for peace means becoming something a warrior for others.


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