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A little bit of show writing to kill two birds with one stone. The next twelve posts constitute a draft of our upcoming Christmas show.

It’s another year where holday spirit is hard to come by what with the Heat Miser—read: climate change denier—in chief. And Happy Solstice. The Winter Solstice is at 11:28 tomorrow morning, to be exact, when the days start getting longer. And, after all the darkness, so much darkenes, we look forward to the return of light.

We like to think of tonight as the second show in a two night run that begain a year ago, with a small 364-day break in between, so if you caught the first show, we hope to have improved on it for you, now that we’ve got the show up and running.

We are litereally “dashing through” the twelve signs of Christmas here, exploring how songwriters of each of the twelve signs interpret the season, Christmas and, yes, spirituality in general, from their various persepctives. We’ve found that in the process of creation 99 and 44/100ths percent of artists really can’t escape their archetype. Twelve is of course a number associated with Christmas because it’s the number of Cosmic Order, which the Zodiac represensts, and therefore grafted onto the holiday which is still a relatively new event in the scheme of things

So yes, will examine how the signs of the Zodiac correlate to the various aspects of the Christ-mas story just as they relate to the whole of the bible really because they are all metaphors for you, you see, and you’re own journey. The Zodiac’s Twelve signs and houses really illustrate the different aspects of Self, in turn, with encoded wisdom on how you might get yourself to fire on all these cosmic cylinders if you will. Really, we see the Zodiac as a practicable system. It’s the original Twelve-step program. And so too is the whole of the Christ-mas story meant to serve as a exemplary guide for living.

People born any sign are simply the best, examples, literally personifications, of that sign’s particular energy. Anyway don’t get hung up on the particulars. If you feel you’re not getting it. Don’t worry, you are on some level. Trust us This is something of a transmission. So let it just wash over you. And, oh, yes, also some of you will have sent us your birth info and we do have something prepared for you which we’ll deliver at the end of the show so you can relax on that score too. And just chill.

So that first song Star of Wonder was written by Terre Roche, an Aries, the first sign of the Zodiac. The Star, in the story, signals birth. And the first sign of Aries rules birth and new beginnings. The headstrong Ram is the symbol—we’re typically born head first.

Aries is the cardinal-fire sign. It is a spark, and ignition of new experience. On the grand scale the spark of big bang creation but on a personal level it is our individual spark, our purpose, motivation. Aries is ruled by Mars, named for the Roman War god the Greek Ares (A-r-e-s) who, like the Ram, attacks life. He is fiercely single-minded in his sole objective. His emblem is the spear. He has a point. A singular purpose. Of course, before he was a war god he was a hunter, with that spear, and before that, a herder, a shepherd, with his staff, taking the lead.

Aries people embody this purposeful, pointed energy. Perhaps to a fault. Not terribly sensitive to their effect on others, they personify the notion that we must all be one with our purpose. And you must first ask yourself what is your point? What we you born to be? Are you being it? It all starts with living your purpose. And it’s never to late to do so. The first house rules the physical body. Embodiment. Mars rules the blood. What it is in your blood to do.

The Ram, a sheep first sign. And the first to see that Star is the shepherd. Star of wonder or star of I wonder Should I follow or continue to take my own leads? Am I Ram or am I sheep? It’s an existential question. Aries motto is I am. Being. Being and Embodiment. Buddha was an Aries. And, his brand of spirituality, and really Aries default brand of spirituality—Terre Roche is a buddhist—is all about the capital S self.


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