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By contrast, Taurus is all about union—with other. Unlike objective Mars ruled Aries, Taurus is subjective ruled by alluring Venus goddess of beauty inviting the beholder.

It is the fixed-earth sign. Think of a garden Eden. A flower appealing to our senses, which are ruled by Taurus, along with the throat and voice. The pastoral flower gods and nymphs are archetypes of the sign, emanations of innocence which incite temptation—a garden theme.

Taurus’ motto is I have, parenthetically (what you want). The second house of Taurus is that of our talents, assets and value all of which draws others to us. Taurus people tend to be loaded with talent. Yeah they’re full of it. But we all must take inventory of our talents and assets and cultivate them, as one would a garden, which means every day.

The shift from I am to I have is reflected in the Christmas story. First the birth then the adoration. That whole magi nativity scene. I think the adoration would have lasted the whole of his childhood actually—remember Jesus had a Jewish mother. True.

Never mind he was lain in a manger. From the French manger to eat. A cow’s eating trough. Taurus the Bull. Bovine imagery symbolizing idol worship from golden calf to sacred cow. I could just eat him up. Later you’ll have a wafer. Taurus rules the appetite, the gullet. Taurus is about creating hunger—being consumed by other. Consumate talent! The Taurus brand of spirituality involves being swept up in some sensual rapture. This song by a Taurus who rechristened himself with the Latin name for G.V.

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