Libra 2° (September 24)

Day Forty-Two E.D.A.N.O.W.W. Oysters and Caesar with Shrimp. Got served today and let it happen. The powers spoke but same old, same old. Spoke with the moving people we are on for next week. Sent everything to Waltham, including another inventory of what’s what. I will need to start the positive spin of saying what it is that’s coming with me. Trying to make it as easy as possible for everyone. Starting to be very happy I am me, after all. I will meet that lovely actress and marital counselor (how ironic) and head out early for sure. I get glimpses of optimism but they are few and far between. Today I miss making dinner and listening to something like Pippin and singing along with the person I love. I was always happiest with the simplest things and by just being together an talking and laughing and dreaming and scheming. The friends I thought were closest to me are the most difficult to find, while I am so frozen and reluctant to make new ones. As much as I want to land somewhere I am so frightened that I will be desperately lonely and not be able to cope with the pain. I read a critique of my late great acting teacher recently and it was so snarky and horrible. I wrote this in response: I don’t like your article at all. Edward Morehouse was a tough-loving teacher who not only schooled actors in their craft but helped them understand how criticism was inspiration through which to grow. Uta was unnecessarily cruel at times, often favoring students who took her lcass for decades (and donated heavily to the school). She could be awful. I studied with Ed and then Uta and I returned to Ed. When I appeared in a small role on Broadway he was there on opening night. Those of us who took seriously his ccritiques (which I agree lent themselves to some comic parody—I created a character based on him for a comedy troupe) and let them motivate us to get a signature “good for you” next time around, getting over our own sensitive egos and deliverying what was necessary for the character in the scene in the play enjoyed a kind of elation that didn’t happen to students who were with coddling teachers who didnt want to get under students’ skins. With Ed you had to grow a pair and fast and when you won an accolade from him at the end of your scene you knew you deserved it.

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