Libra 3° (September 25)

Day Forty-Three E.D.A.N.O.W.W. Oysters then Sushi (Salmon Roe, Spicy Scallop Handroll, Halibut Nigiri. Massive rain storm last night and grumpy didn’t wait for me to drive him home. I have to be on guard for getting too close to…well anybody. It would probably be best for me to find a tiny place and keep the focus on my city life where I can stroll around and lose myself in experience. But how lonely that would be as well. Everybody has somebody and now I have nobody and I realize we don’t feel equally. I cry myself to sleep every night if I sleep at all still three months later and I have to also bear the misconception that I am the injurious party and that isn’t strictly true. We have been in this together. Unlike other couples who work together, there really isn’t all that much room to spend years superprioritizing ones own solo aspirations without falling short or failure. I get the distinct feeling this has been the plan all along and I am no victim but I did not see so prepared a plan coming, The world of LLB or Dobie only works because there is someone doing everything else. I was doing everything pretty much imaginable, producing mostly, while the sigother did administration. But I’m three months into it now, and though I still bawl my brains out every second, I’m now quite accustomed to the intense pain I’ve been made to feel. I definitely no longer give a shit about what people think And I surely am ready to feel that feeling I felt before but not for so long ago. The last time I felt this for real I was nineteen before this fiasco began; I was feeling it again before I almost head north for a new adventure. Instead I got an ultimatum at the age of twenty four and took it on shortly thereafter. Anyway by the time October begins I need to write a page or two every morning, spend the day packing, then write this blessed Blagues at the end of the day. Just a little at a time to get juicy again. I’m going to keep writing and writing and writing until somebody gives me what I want and need. I will take inventory of the people near and far with whom I really want to nurture something. I look forward to getting back to learning French and within six months, perhaps, I can start working on that show I have in me. Who was it that said one man show? Well that can wait until Spring. I will cry my way through my birthday and all the holidays and I will let people continue to cast me aside. The pain is beginning to mold me into the right form.

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