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The first artist up this year at Afterglow is Phoebe Legere. I first met Phoebe in 1988. I was working at Avenue magazine’s tabloid called On The Avenue, while also editing a new downtown DV8* (one might even call it a zine nowadays) and I knew this publicist that was launching film Mondo New York which starred, among others like Joey Arias, Rick Aviles, Ann Magnuson, Karen Finley, Lydia Lunch and Phoebe.

Phoebe was also working on The Toxic Avenger Part 2 at the time. Anyway I interviewed Phoebe, who was determined to tell me that she was way more Mayflower stock than Roxanne Pulitzer, who I had also interviewed (for some reason); anyway Phoebe got me an extra part in the Avenger film which entailed standing around with a bunch of other weirdos down in some marble-lobbied building near Wall Street. I was wearing precious little that much I know—we (the extras) were supposed to be assembled minions of evil or something. There was a lot of hammy snarling.

I contacted Phoebe and had her come to Provincetown in the summer of 2014 for a one-off on-season series but that was a bust, not just for Phoebe, but for everybody. I’m excited that World of Wonder has become a Sponsor that is great news. Everything old is new again.

We had our opening party and dinner last night. I wish people who say they’re coming to things would actually show up. We ended up being half the amoutn of people last night for the dinner portion and the amazing chef/owner Raina, at Baie, put out quite a spread. Honestly I could eat it all again. I can’t even begin to say how delicious the food was.

We are staying in a condo in Provincetown, an old house divided into many untis, a word I never want to use again. I don’t know who in their right mind would spend money to live in such tiny cramped quarters as these. It’s a joke honestly. I’m sitting outside right now on a “porch” and just behind my head is someone else’s porch and they’re outside right now as well. Without looking around, I can hear the sound of a measuring tape, the metal sliding in and out and stepping back. I would have OCD if I lived in a tiny condo. Obviously this person needs to measure to fit or build something. That’s all people do here in P-town is measure and build it seems. I can tell you how big it is, Queen, without looking: Small.

So yeah tiny turnout for the party. Meager ticket sales. A dearth of fundraising this year. Even my close friends who typically pony up have ignored the group emails to Dear Friends that have gone out. I don’t know. It’s the law of diminishing returns. Am I secretly done with trying to make this thing happen—saving Provincetown’s theatrical and performance heritage by running this non-profit—I think I might have to be.


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