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So Olivia de Havilland is 101 and change. It’s 2017. She was born in 1916. Let’s round down and say she’s been around 100 years. Eleanor of Aquitaine was born in 1122, roughly 900 years ago. 1122 was only nine Olivia de Havillands. The dark ages were just nine Olivia de Havillands ago. We went from living by the light of torches sleeping under animal skins around fires to cell phones and the internet and satellites and remote probes sent out into the far reaches of the solar system in just nine Olivia de Havillands. Jesus was only twenty Olivia de Havillands ago. Our history is so short and we think we’ve come so far, and in many ways we have.

Woke up today at 3:15. I should be gearing up for late nights instead I’m getting up earlier than farmers do. I suppose I’m worried or rather I am experiencing something that has taken the place of worry, a sort of resigned laziness and unwillingness to go the extra mile but instead let sleeping dogs lie. Let the chips all fall where they may. I made my to-do list and I’ll just have to work it and see what happens.

We will perform our holiday show at Joe’s Pub again this Christmastime. I got my dates rather late from the venue and it’s tricky getting band together on what is a bit of short notice for the sought-after musicians we work with. To make it easier on our musical director, especially, I’m going to go back through the annals and see what songs in our repetoire can be resurrected. I will make that a priority in the coming weeks. The concept of our shows now is on the theme of: The Twelve Signs of….(fill in the blank), in this case Christams, Solstice, Winter, etc. But we can be loose. Indeed we are about to get a whole bunch looser.

Last night I did a Google search of “Afterglow 2017” and this page came up for a nearby resort here in Provincetown that was claiming to have a partnership with us and were thus advertising using our name as a promotion code, the whole nine yards. I wrote them and they were not at all contrite nor very apologetic, in fact they seemed vicitimized to have been accused. Don’t you just love with perps act like the injured party? I know I do.

It’s time to be funny a little bit more all the time. I think I’ll try that as my mantra.

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