Virgo 15°

Woke up at 3:50 this (and that was as far as I got at 6:02 this morning, leaving me to fill in the entry now after 3:13 in the afternoon). Today has been light and lively so far. We did a local radio show which was fun; and then the usual cooking—still on daily roasted salmon with avocado, heirloom cherry tomato and mesclun lunch, and “healing” soup dinner; tomorrow I get to eat GF pasta. I know I should be imprisoned for this but I’m going to have it nonetheless. I hope you know I’m kidding slash parodying myself.

I have the sense again of meeting myself. I notice I’m just not that stressed out, even though my Stop & Shop blood-pressure reading might say otherwise. I do need to monitor things more carefully and I need to move around more—the complaint of any writer—and take my daily constitutionals.

We actually listened to ourselves on the radio and got lost in the interview, transported. Isn’t that funny? First of all we never listen back to things like that and, second, if we do we usually think it’s lacking or just awful listening to the sound of ones voice. But something today worked. I need to get a recording of it. I need to keep better track of all my press. I feel a to-do list coming on…


  • Stay up to date on this Blague (I currently am)
  • Confirm who is/isn’t coming to the party.
  • Run down the list of Sparklers and Sponsors who might still give—and send plea.
  • Start widening the scope of people who can give last minute.
  • Touch base with Sponsors and get a feel for what they might like to see.
  • Urge people to see shows.
  • Pick up passes. Update Sparkler list for box office.
  • Print out work needed to do on HA books while festival is on.
  • Begin to archive all the press working backward.
  • . Also archive all S + C songs thus far/pull for Xmas show at Joe’s Pub.
  • . Work with B to get grants in work by October
  • Create larger timeline of projects over the next several months
  • Work on language for 12 Signs Of….


That was probably cheating a bit but when a list starts rolling out of your head it’s best to write that shite down at the time. The above doesn’t include the project work I work on every day or clients of any of the things I’ve been listing here these past days as a means of self-therapy. Somehow saying “out loud” the things that all form a thousand piece jumble in my head really keeps me from total neuron fritz out. I am uniquely capable of juggling a lot, and I don’t let much slip through the cracks.

The owner of the former venue at which I produced Afterglow for the past six years reached out overnight to wish me luck. It was actually very nice of him to do so. I think he misses me and on some weird level I miss him too. But things change as well they should. I’m very into being as laid back as I can these days. I just want to take a chill approach to work, even if it means I’m not getting as much done as I usually do.

My whole mojo right now is like a little whatevs. I don’t know where it’s coming from. S was saying today how she feels like she’s on drugs. I get it. There is something immediately surreal in our perceptions of life once September hits. It’s still summer, officially, but after years of going back to school as a child, September somehow exposes the emptiness of not going back to school. I want to go back to school on some level. Not yet sure what that means.

I guess I’ll find out tomorrow. No I won’t.


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