Just yesterday I made an announcement regarding my resolution, a very Capricorn word, for New Year’s which falls into that sign. What it boils down to is: I want to limit my social, professional and personal sphere and experience to those who embody the Golden Rule and understand the nature of true abundance and the importance of giving (back), whilst eschewing any one or thing that smacks of self-servingness. Et voila: Today, at 26° Sagittarius, we see A Flag Bearer In A Battle who has nobly accepted subservience of the individual to collective values and goals, also known as a being a mensch. Taurus rules this image in a twelve-fold sequence and that sign embodies the power of passivity as well as giving voice to attributes of its native second house of values and goals—bull’s eye. Taurus people tend to me more obsesssed than others in terms of what they’re going for, which can make them myopic on the shadow side. But this is still a Sagittarian oracle and we must read it in that context.


The flag bearer is, of course on horseback. He represents the highest-minded ideals of the collective around which his side in rallied in battle; paradoxically, though he is unarmed. He at once the integrity of the group, and a most vulnerable target. He has laid himself open, given himself overto the experience. His life and welfare are sacrificed to the greater whole, and that sacrifice is the group’s ultimate strength, if not literally then morally. When this symbol arises in our astrology we are being asked if we are ready to accept a challenging role and do we have the ultimate willingness to consecrate ourselves to an ideal. Can we do battle for it. The Centaur in mythology is both shaman and fierce warrior, a powerfully wise but dangerous figure to those who challenge the high-minded ideal of its embodiment. That is what we are being asked to be—a combination of courage and conviction. Sagittarius is a fire sign, lest we forget, and fire equals spirt. The standard bearer is the spirit of the collective around which all others rally. This takes a purity of vision as well as a total subjugation of personal ego. Sounds like a goal to me.


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