I’m starting to anticipate the roll-out of these symbols. Yesterday was all about tradition via Capricorn’s rule so I knew the opposite would have to be true with an Aquarius rulership of the symbol to follow. A Massive Rocky Shore Resists The Pounding Of The Sea is the oracle at 5° Scorpio and it points to the inertia of all institutionalized procedures. So much for the devotional ritual of the former symbol. The previous Capricorn-ruled image is the mighty shorecliff that has been built over time and it has become resistant to the gathering storm of all change. Such change to the face of this edified existence will be slow indeed. Conservatism can be counterproduct to evolution, which of course is ultimately inevitable. And I don’t have to tell you how binding and impenetrable a communal way of life can be; especially ones that were built on secret occult ritual to cement their enclaves and edifications. Hello Skull and Bones society. The fact that Aquarius has two rulers—Saturn (which it shares with Capricorn) and Uranus, tradition and progress, seeming opposite energies—speaks volumes. When it comes to this particular shift in energy it can’t be sudden. The traditional aspect must be kept intact and only slowly eroded to make way for progress; otherwise we have pure revolution, all of the time, anarchy, and evolution has nothing via which to take hold.

Also, all that is new is not good. We must mainly withstand that which is not aready edified in our culture. Just as extreme conservatism is the stuff of evil, so too would utter anarchy be. The Louvre would be covered by graffitti otherwise. Still graffitti finds its place and becomes slowly part of the overall schema. We created rituals to form a bond between individuals, merging into a cultural whole. Now we must stand united as a fortress of sorts.

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