The Gold Rush Tears Men Away From Their Native Soil is the symbol at 6° Scorpio and again they are following a perfect metaphysical logic. Two symbols ago we saw devotion as the bonding ritual of the collective, with religious, certainly conservative overtones (ruled by Capricorn); next we saw a raging see trying to penetrate the edifice of a society now built by tradition and that common bonding which may have become conservative and exclusionary in the extreme, infiltration being all but impossible—slow erosion being the only affect, to the revolutionary/evolutionary spirit of the waterbearing (emotionally packed) Aquarian energy; and today, with a Pisces-ruled symbol we are transcending the need to infilitrate a world that doesn’t want us and we are seeking escape and/or asylum in another hope and dream outside of that original society. Pisces and the twelfth house ruled the disenfranchised, unincluded, outsider, pariah, untouchable and all outcasts; and it was those who felt they had no literal stake in society that would have uprooted themselves from their native soil, feeling already disenfranchised to stake a literal claim elsewhere, fueled by a dream which requires self belief as opposed to faith in the collective.

It isn’t just the transcendence of a society that doesn’t seem to accept us that’s being shown via this symbol. It’s the impetus to even greater heights than most enjoy in that original collective. It’s not so much greed that drives one to this gold rush, but the chance to be forever free of the confines of a collective and to set the rules from this new exalted perspective. I am about to embark tomorrow on a trip to Scotland to attend a party at a old friend who was once, I suppose, a disenfranchised individual who lived on the dole; this person took the transcendent route and went for their own gold rush and now is amongst the richest people in the world. And from that perspective one can have a great impact on the state of the world, bettering it, as this person has done. Anything but a conservative, which the impenetrable cliffs of yesterday’s image represent, one can have great fortune and share that wealth in such a way, not conserving it (for themselves) but sprinkling it around to make the world a better place. In that way people of this ilk are so rare and so precious.

Being able to tear ourselves away from the norm based solely on a dream is, thus, part of human nature; although not everyone is designed to embody such avidity.

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