Deep-Sea Divers is not an unexpected image to find in the sign of Scorpio, now at 7°. It expresses the will to explore the hidden depths of all experience and to search for primordial causes. That sentence is Scorpio in a nutshell. This oracle is ruled by Aries in a twelve-fold sequence. Aries, the first sign of the Zodiac is ruled by Mars which is also the co-ruler of Scorpio, along with poor de-planetized Pluto. (Scorpio is the only sign to have co-planetary rulers—Aquarius, has a primary ruler, Uranus, and a secondary one, Saturn [FC this]). Mars is the most primal of the cosmic energies as it is the impetus to life, survival. We think of this energy most readily embodied in Aries people in their me-first attitude, objectifying nature, in their leadership and pioneering spirit. Mars is the energy of creation, the spark of life, Genesis, the Big Bang and Aries is the premier masculine sign. In Scorpio, a feminine sign, that Mars energy isn’t directed outward as it is in forthright Aries, but inward where it mines for meaning, whether in ones own subconscious or in the hidden experience of life. It delves for the purposes of exposing cached truths, secrets, mysteries. It rules the unseen world, like that of chemistry and physics, where scientific focus is always direct. And Scorpio people have a tendency to look at life, and at others, as if sliding everything under a microscope. So, you see, this is a very apt symbol to have been randomly divined to fall in the sign of Scorpio.

Pluto is named for the god of the underworld, just as Alice of (W)underland had to fall down a rabbit hole to witness the workings of her wild subconscious. We speak of people as still waters that run deep;and Scorpio, a fixed-water sign, is not only expressed by still waters but by frozen ones—ice and crystal being akin to the gems (of self-understanding) that might be unearthed by miners just as sunken treasures would be discovered by these deep sea divers who are otherwise plunging to profjundity in search of uncovering what mysteries, unseen, as yet lie beneath or knoledge or understanding. We are also concerned with pulling rabbits out of hats. Being able to dig down to our own inner resource, knowing ourselves. The crystal possesses a vibration, a distillation of energy that can be used to power mechanics. Scorpio Joni Mitchell bid us: Turn me on, I’m you’re radio. And she wasn’t kidding. Pluto is not just god of the underworld and riches, he is the god of power which, we are learning is self-knowledge for starters. Fellow Scorpio Neil Young was a miner for a heart of gold, one aspect of human nature that may be the hardest to find.

Whenever we are dealing with Scorpio, remember, we are looking at experience whereby we merge and become a We. Sex is the most obvious example; but we see in this symbol that we are likely diving below our own individual psychologies to that collective unconscious wherein we all share.

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