Sagittarius 13° (December 5)


We have a client this morning at seven. I woke up at three because S. was coughing. I haven’t gotten back to sleep. I won’t re-start my practice today. Instead I will try for a hair cut and I will also attempt to get all loose ends tied. We have to go over colors and stones which is fine. And I will put together a Paris brief for Pete and Ted and Tim and Billy (The new Bob and Carrol and Ted and Alice?) which is mainly going to be something we slap together for ourselves. During the client session I will jot down notes as occur to me. We have a new solar return chart for our morning session which is always an easy thing to focus on for ninety minutes. In any case I’m pleased to have the clients I have and I’m actually in the mood to beef up the clientele a great deal over the next two years while everything else gets put into play. I’m also really happy to take inventory of my friends, lovers and other strangers. I was going to be really good food-wise today but I am really jonesing for a delicious bowl of pasta and so that is what I will do. I ordered a coat from Harris Wharf for not a lot of money. Hopefully it will be big and roomy enough that I can work it fairly hard. I did get the contract conversation moving with the Art House. I am waiting on word from the other A.R.T. house. We sorted out all the stuff we needed to pharmacy wise. My primary has still as yet not sent information to Cape Cod office so I can schedule my procedure in April which I am definitely going to do. I have a tarp to put on the car for when we are away so I can at least postpone the whole conversation about water getting in. It doesn’t matter come Spring because I will work that car into the ground until such time as I get another one, which I hope will be by June. I want something really nice. And I will be able to protect it, now in the cold months, so that is all a boon. My desk is clearing slowly but surely and I will also have the house in working order and will actually begin to get all my costuming and actual wardrobe into place for the trip. I mean it when I say that I am not bringing a lot. I know I don’t need to. If the new brown coat work then that will be all I’ll need. Otherwise I will work my old A.P.C. cotton coat. These might all be private thoughts but honestly I don’t have many of those left. And I have no trepidation in letting anybody know it.

So I am making a sort of modified carbonara—sautéeing onions and turkey bacon which makes an incredible carmelization, with black pepper; four egg yolks, a good parmesan, fresh parsely, more pepper, pasta water and that’s it. I have to say it was better than the “real” carbonara with pancetta and wine. Absolutely fulfilled my pasta woolly and I will have gained a pound but it was worth it. And tomorrow I will be super “saine” and just eat some fish, vegetables, salad and soup. I also need to start whitening my teeth. I’m jealous of S.’s system which is just an hour at a time. Mine is four to six. And I loathe doing it overnight, so I have to find a block in the day. It’s good in that it keeps me from doing any kind of grazing whatsoever. I have set up my little yoga studio in the room next door and am going to get that process underway. I’m happy to get out and get some additional shopping under my belt today. There really is no substitute for checking things off ones list way before one might actually need to. I don’t think I have my brain completely around how to promote the books and such. I do think it my duty to start the outreach for the larger plan that I want to put into works, regarding Glow and all that it can be. I think that might be a very worthwhile operation, especially in regard to funding a Cambridge existence. It wouldn’t really take very much to put a prospectus together. And so it goes on the list! It is definitely time to diversify because we cannot count on the future remaining anything even remotely like the past. I am very much into this fasting concept I can tell you that much and just another twenty-five days of this sort of thing should hold me in quite good stead. I will be doing both yoga and teeth whitening at the same time tomorrow, the yoga eats up half of the whitening time in any case or should do. I should be able to stomach doing it at night in any case.

Oh lord I really am on a tear of offering up way too much personal information. But you know what that’s okay. Tomorrow I will dedicate most of this to putting together the Paris infor for my friends who are traveling there while reminding myself of what’s what in the process. My goal is to make friends while I’m there, bone up on my study. I think I might bring a bunch of easy French books with me that will keep us fresh and juicy and anyway speed the plow a bit on our education. I have those two French grammar books and a bunch of little novelettes. I think those would be the perfect things to bring with us as we can always mail them home to Brad. I am feeling a little less claustrophobic I think. And I will need to write to Laura and make sure she knows that I wasn’t really blaming her. I will also call Jeff at the glass company to make a little appeal. Or I won’t. It might be time to let the whole thing go. I will keep plugging away and I will be scrubbing my entire upstairs existence. That is not a metaphor that is me saying I actually have to clean and clear out the upstairs portion of my house, here, which has become my office in effect. I wonder if I shouldn’t pay rent to A/C in effect for the coming year. It won’t add up to much but it will add up to something. I don’t know. I mean probably better to take no salary and to keep the overhead low. By the same token I’d like to set a new preedent that we actually get paid for the things we do. I can’t say I’m grateful that there is no book right now but there is benefit to the fact. I promise to start making these entries actually mean something sometime soon.


To view the original Sabian Symbol themed 2015 Cosmic Blague corresponding to this day: Flashback! The degree pointof the Sabian Symbol will be one degree higher than the one listed for today. The Blague portrays the starting degree of for this day ( 0°,  for instance), as I typically post in the morning, while the Sabian number corresponds to the end point (1°) of that same 0°-1° period. There are 360  degrees spread over 365 or 6 days per year—so they near but not exactly correlate.


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