Aquarius 19° (February 7)

Gone a bit fetal and watching Gone With The Wind. There is such a backlash against it but it is still an amazing film that doesn’t warrant being cancelled. I need to turn a corner emotionally and break some patterns I’ve had in place as coping mechanism that have since backfired. Some more astrological thoughts.

Mercury and Puck are messengers, instruments of communication, but they are also tricksters of the first order. And Gemini man struggles with this archetypal inheritance in the sense that, instead of being straight forward in his dealings, he tends to employ a signature slight-of-hand, if only to make his interactions more interesting, which isn’t always considered appropriate, that is to say rarely or never, by those on the opposite side of the table. Needing to get away with stuff or get things over on other people is like an addiction for the Twins man. It imparts a thrill. The real trick is to find a healthy outlet for this, namely sports and games, but even so it might be a challenge for Gemini to resist catching a buzz from, what he would consider harmless, cheating. The zodiac’s Robin Hood just can’t seem to help stealing from the rich—most everybody else—and giving to the poor—himself and those he labels his people. There is always something of the anti-establishmentarian about him, a bucking of whatever the system might be, the perennial rebel in search of his next cause. He naturally possesses the pluck, the nerve, to go against the grain, the original upstart of the zodiac, which is yet another one of his superpowers that can be employed for bigger purposes than he usually uses it for. Among its rule of body parts, the sign of Gemini governs the nerves, along with the breath, respiration, which, as anyone who has ever suffered a panic attack will attest, are related one to the other, deep breathing soothing the overloading of nerves and neurons. Neither deep breathing nor deep thinking come naturally to the Gemini man, the paradox being that, with proper meditative focus his efforts in so doing can reap profound results. But it takes some work, and especially around your realizing, Gemini, that this is not going against your nature. You may consider yourself a surface dweller but that isn’t even the half of your true story. We will delve more into that topic before long. Meanwhile, to say that Gemini is the least introspective of characters would be an understatement, and, yes, he will need to endeavor harder than others to gain even a glimmer of understanding to meaning and beauty of an inner life. Even the work of the great Twins poet Walt Whitman—his name being something of an aptronym in that Gemini man lives most by his wits—is an exploration of what he sees, feels, senses right in front of him, a celebration of what is right under his feet, the street-level of existence. What can be more exhilarating and exalting, though, than finding the sublime right there on the sidewalk.

The following blocks of text are exceprts from my first year of  Blagues, nos. 1556-1560. I am reading through all of my Blagues, five per day, and posting some samples here. Now, in my sixth year of writing this Blague, by the time I get to my seventh, I will have journeyed through all the daily Blagues of my first five years. If that’s confusing I apologize. Year seven, I’ll only have to read through year six, once a day.

Movie opens. Credits rolling over Yves Arden (a JVB type) working the phones or rather fielding calls coming in—they are an exec type in stunning Balenciaga and Blahniks. Dialogue focusing on the whereabouts of Stella and Quinn. Yves says these like they are due in Paris/Stockholm/Copenhagen to be awarded/deliver speack on their new philoosophy The Turn Theory or some such (the philosophy is Kabbalistic? but relating to “the energy of the mind in its ability to alter outcomes”) maybe Stella kissing goodbye to the boulangere Quinn studying “Aries Phenomenon” in Iceland or some such, making ways back separately to meet at NY Headquarters, first with Yves. Former dialogue or Yves: “Sorry ang but I can’t squeeze you in, said in Taiwnese with subtitles “He/she/they are only here for a day before heading to Stockholm”, etc. At some point Stella and Quinn appear in a show in the West End. In fact every scene sees them coming off a different “expert activity” as if they are living testament to the power of their own theory “something,” one of them will say “which I always believe in but never thought could be formalized into being—literally have a mathematical formul for (this is what The Turn of the Whell from Pisces “I bleieve” to Aries “I am” means. Before Arien Being is Piscean beleiving… living examples of this power. again this is why S + Q have so many expert adjustments one reason whey they are real-magical (their being, their understanding of time and experience. However they never predict times for their clients It conflicts with turning the wheel and limits/alsters the piscean power of beleiving maybe Quinn does some rant on theory. quinn is a sexy theorest, James Bond of academia. Someone else says “astrology is not academia” “the other person says ahh tell it to the Sorbonne. IN a To the maniess style. I have no idea what any of that meant.

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