Sagittarius 21° (December 13)

Ron hilliards neck is always red. I am in a position where I could still only salvage once on the line here but really Excel with it . There are so many hours in a day there are so many ways to get information down and to have it be clear and it doesn’t have to be remarkable on the 1st go that’s not the goal anyway the goal is just to prepare the soil right now I’m going to try and get outside and rake up the neglect that’s been left for us to handle also put away all the summer furniture and just really trust that everything is going to workout in a way that it’s not only comfortable but is that much more accelerated and enjoyable for us. There’s a snow coming this week and I need to get someone in place because I know that the neglect will continue and they’ll be no help around here I did put word out on social media about our situation and it really has met with some positive responses and even that has made me feel that much more secure and that there’s a support system out there and I’m definitely going to let myself be helped and guided not going to protect this person. Chris Carter talk to somebody about all this and I think it’s going to be part of the healing moving forward as just a be able to bounce my feelings off for someone else then not feel so alone in the process I know everyone’s going through a hard time right now but really I’m tired of being the friend that always does all the heavy lifting I don’t really find that my friends reach out and contact me it’s always me doing all the work and I think it’s just my choice in France is maybe not that great that’s a big I’m going to examine in 2021 because I do realize after all this isolation that I isolate anyway but by the same token I really want not to do that so I’m going to really work on that second semester. I have a lot I want to accomplish and there’s plenty of time in which to do it all especially if I’m just packing a little bit each night and lighting fires next three months and really enjoying doing that and no one’s going to stop me if somebody tries to take over this house putting me into another construction zone then they’ll be a price to pay for that I want full compensation for everything and we’ve put out there and I’m going to get it. 

The following blocks of text are exceprts from my first year of  Blagues, nos. 1281-1285. I am reading through all of my Blagues, five per day, and posting some samples here. Now, in my sixth year of writing this Blague, by the time I get to my seventh, I will have journeyed through all the daily Blagues of my first five years. If that’s confusing I apologize. Year seven, I’ll only have to read through year six, once a day.

Setting up for the Bill Mahergument. I’ve gotsd lotsa notes on this, all different places. This is where I think I will pick up working my magical way through the little pale blue book, one of my favorite things (favorite rhyming with right!) The blue book was giving me life. Today I must fight the fear that accompanies procrastination. Is it fear or guilt or despair or some major combo platter thereof. (I think one of my greatest psychological challenges has stemmed from a situation that occurred in 2014 which was devestating on a number of levels. People should never be labeled anything. But we all have pain; and I believe we feel it because it is something we must reckon with; and I suppose on that note that I am grateful for the pain.)

I was thinking again about the Bhagavad Gita. For now I’m going to make it all I need as a go to support during the next three and a half weeks. There is something cosmic going on today for sure—today being two days after Thanksgiving, actually, as I’m in the midst of filling in some blocks of text, mainly, for bulk. I do think bulk is important. Anyway was watching Globe Trekker with Bobby Chinn and there is something so weird and cool about him and yet something sad and tricky. A Gemini maybe. Hey I’ll look it up be right back: Nope he’s an Aries and a New Zealander. Sounds like he’s from Brooklyn. Interesting. Anyway, he was doing a show about Ireland yesterday and it was inspiriting and then now today I see this:

I cannot believe we might be going to Ireland. I do think it best we go to London roundtrip. Can we stop and see Jackie and Laurence en route to Wales? Why not? Though I now know they are only an hour from town. Oh well. I wrote Jackie back. She will have written me in a week or so’s time to express her dissatisfaction with me. And then I’ll do something stupid and awkward with messaging on Instagram. (Another) anyway, I go on to say: Ireland is doubltess my siritual home. It rivals Italy for that distinction only wins the contest.

Oh good lord another synchronicity. The next thing in the little blue book is “rearrange living room paintings;” I did that in part yesterday afternoon. Good lord what is going on. I also have a box of frames to go to to match some artwork we have. It’s all in an effort to get back into the aesthetic side of life which must change. The metaphorical age group. That is something to add to the script I think, in simpler terms. We can’t tell you everything is the conceit. Bob Sanborn equals Palm Springs; but I think we decided not to go there after all. If I go anywhere I would love for it to be Europe. I will need to put a Brian King into place to host the evening. Superpower and shadow side, that’s what the show is all about.

I was thinking of shaping a novel around the twenty four characters in sextrology. I think because I am assymetrical I draw assymetrically. Is that a thing? Past and distant past. 1968 and 1806 perhaps. I don’t know I think the original should just be 1805 maybe. The year our house was built the house can even be the model if we wanted it to be. The house should not be big and there should be a creek with watercress. Perhaps I can superimpose the whole thing upon it. The beach and the ponds and the town center and all things historical. I think that would be just wild. I think I’ll have to be something of an historian this year I guess. That and embark upon my publishing dynasty. I need to turn that entire energy around. Also I don’t have to feel bad about certain endings. I didn’t initiate. I do not pretend to seek power by means of elimination like some queens.

Owning the sex space is something I think we could really exploit. Surely this dovetails with scheduling a chat with Florian. That makes chat with Florian, Brad, Brian, Lawrence plus clients to fit in before the end of the year. It shouldn’t be that hard. But I do need to start getting these Memos into place. I’m hoping that by the 26th of the month, which is a Monday, I will have most of my ducks in a row; and that I will be free to work on the upcoming show, both creatively and promotionally, for half of any given day, while I tie up loose ends for the year. I often get to this point of near elation; but I also have the experience of it never lasting long. I think back to who I used to be. I might lie in bed and watch There’s No Business Like Showbusiness just because it was on. Without guilt. Whole days watching old movies, most likely, with ice cream. I can’t fathom that kind of whistling in the graveyard now at this point in my life. I honestly do feel like there isn’t a moment to lose or rather waste. And yet I miss the insouciance of my even slightly younger days. I don’t want to spend any time dilly dallying even here today.

I have to put some thoughts down on virtual paper regarding some grant text for Afterglow. Please allow me to double duty here today:

Afterglow is Provincetown’s Live Performance Arts Festival. No other non-profit arts organization is dedicated to preserving Provincetown’s heritage as an incubator of innovative theater and performance The 9th annual Afterglow takes stage September 9-15, 2019 at the Art House. Afterglow has earned star on the international festival map, bringing to Provincetown engaged audiences from the region, country, and abroad to see our award-winning artists who perform in other festival cities New York, Sydney, London, Berlin, San Francisco, Dublin, Edinburgh. Afterglow dialogues with directors of these festivals world-wide. And even our many sponsors, alone, who visit Provincetown each year for Afterglow, are visitors of means who contribute to our economy. Afterglow’s artists make headlines as social icons and activists; and range from the newly emerging to Grammy-, Tony-, Sundance-, Obie- and Academy- award- winners invirgorating the gentre live performance. Afterglow uniquely presents solo plays, neo cabaret, progressive sketch, performance art, multimedia, dance, electronica, poetic/rap, rock opera, musical comedy and other forms, fostering Provincetown’s reputation as thriving performing arts center not just a commercial/resort entertainment town. Afterglow cultivates local talent—performers, directors, designers, choreographers, composers, playwrights —in festival, and with ancillary productions. The festival launched a “playwright’s initiative” and produces work at major venues/theaters under the “Afterglow of Provincetown” aegis. Afterglow honor Provincetown’s birthright as the birth place of the modern American stage, receiving support and promotion from Joe’s Pub at The Public Theater in NYC, and the American Repertory Theater in Cambridge where Afterglow produces the successful Afterglow-at-Oberon series, now in its fourth season. Works originated at Afterglow have moved Off-Broadway, to London, Los Angeles, Paris and other major cities around the globe.           


Started cleaning up and was all set to get a lot of tidying done. I realized I had to renew my license which I thought could happen all on line. Nope. Off I went for a forty-five minute drive to the RMV. Ah well: best laid plans, etc. Anyway, it was a forced slow down. And it being election day I knew I had to pace myself in any case. It was a good day election-wise in the end which was good. We just need to find a way to get rid of the orange menance without his killing us all. I swear, I think about that scene where Cerse (sp?) Lannister blows everybody up. Nathalie Dormer’s performance in that haunts me as it is. Just a few days before we head of to London and I really am suffused with inspiration. I am letting the spiritual energy of what I’m calling The Gift to inspire all I’m doing. I look so forward to the uptick in directionality that I feel will now accompany our pursuits. From my mouth to the gods’ ears. Though it does require effort I my part.

I do need to take a bit of a sharp turn if for no other reason than to send a message to myself that I am making marked change. Between now and the end of the year we need to focus on the Z money and being clever; and I have to get my publishing mojo into gear. I do think the next first step is to do rewrite of the proposal, to get it into good shape; and to leave it in someone’s capable hands. We have to get our social media moving in any case. So having widgets is always a good way. And we now have a green light on promoting the books, something I’ll do with increasing zeal as I get the show on its feet.

Oh well I have another block of text I need writing for an upcoming grant application; so once again I’m doing a bit of doulbe duty. You like these glimpses into my world, anyway, right?

Ours is a thoughtfully crafted marketing plan with savvy strategies for public relations and both social media and print promotion. In addition to listing shows and ticket links, the Afterglow Festival website features a concierge service promoting Provincetown’s restaurants and lounges, hotels and inns, shops and services, the arts and events. Our surgical PR-marketing efforts have secured highly visible TV, radio and print coverage. (PBS WGBH, Boston Globe, Boston Herald, others) Besides editorial, broadcast, we utilize promotional events, print posters and postcards, proliferate e-blasts, newsletters, web campaigns, and employ social and other new media. We also use vehicle advertising, and launch successful yearly direct-mail campaigns. We cross-promote with Dixon Place, LaMama and The Public Theater in NYC; and with The American Repertory Theater in Cambridge; and UnCabaret in L.A. Our frequent presence in NYC and Boston, donating time and energy in-kind to Afterglow, has been a large part of our receiving press coverage in those markets, in particular.

Our focus is always on revisitation and are proud of the fact that many regular festival goers return year on year. In fact there is a community of well-healed supporters who not only donate to the festival, but attend each year (on sponsor passes) and make “Afterglow week” in September their yearly pilgrimage to Provincetown. Eight-five percent of our full audience comes from off-Cape Cod. We print programs touting our sponsors, but fail to afford advertising. Our celebrated branding includes a classy, bold logo, identity and collateral and eye-catching posters. We hope advertising will be a new line of offense; with support from PR, shifting more to the national and international level. The impact of local coverage is arguable, while social media among local people and businesses is impactful. We launched a Playbill-Instagram initiative, via a photoblog led by our participating artists.

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