Aquarius 5° (January 24)

And the list goes on…another sleepless night, in and out, mostly in, meaning I had to take the morning to try to pass out. I actually had a real-feeling dream that I told Stella I’ve started a new program of “intermittent sleeping.” The banalties of the day. Take a chill pill, do my weekly “requests,” (you don’t need to know what that means), do the washing up from last night, chop scallions, defrost frozen clams, ablutions, eat lunch of oatcakes, (at least schedule) doing a deep clean, make a chicken stock, plan next week’s menu, do some garde manger, print out the new worksheets—add the positive and negative tidbits—rejig the schedule, menu, blog entries, fill in the three days I am behind—this should consist of getting back up and running with the dicatition feature. Then I need to make a chowder, a vegetable stew, marinate shrimp, make a lemony Caesar dressing, all of which should put me in good stead for the week ahead. Must meet with Stella on May 6 through July 14 editing process, at which time I will also be drafting text boxes. S. should also be setting up chat with Russell. Okay now to continue some editing…

Why one wonders with the Premier fam sign all things girly B emblem ized by bullet ball the reason we divide is at the bull itself symbol of worship and adultery so ironically outsourced past the desired other in this astrological equation where the straightforward carbon fire energy of Aries makes perfect sense embody it in the head butting ram tourists earth garden has as its symbol not itself embodied but the outside other that the garden needs as fertilization the seconding agent to ensure its growth it is the only son with A twist of this kind but that shouldn’t surprise anyone Taurus has unique take on and puts and unique spin on everything thinker creative to the larger part of his peel the subtitles of each chapter evolutionary path and without even realize it until the actual writing of this bit of the section did we realize that even that carries an ironic theme because when we say the path of desire we aren’t speaking tourists desire without which he inspires for him in others such as the path carries along unfolding as he goes rather than forging it this is something you can put into practice imagining your journey from this unique perspective allowing as their stay road writes to meet you. Learning to attract unify garner praise making the world more pleasurable this includes TKTK deep work of being you self discovery true nature living life according to it might sound easy on the surface but it is particularly challenge for the ball feels himself lacking almost from birth stopped elements of personality behavior appearance interests feels full blanket Lee people please on multiple levels no one spends more time in the mirror not just out of vanity but assessing and adjusting searching soul for clues as to who he is being fixed earth gardener life begins feeling like something of a vacant lot so makes sense he seeks to make it himself as attractive as possible as quirky as can be fixing on heroes to emulate mimic coopt plagiarize adopt identity’s others find appealing can make him seem like something poser intellectually especially fierce appearing empty headed Once Upon a time friend visit Paris weekend packed with nothing but underwear and got 20 books we were like we get it you read but she didn’t actually do it all not putting it down here but we want to eliminate the fact that this is part of your process and younger days you might be hands down biggest ******** around them block but what better way to prepare the soil of your own self cultivation than by spreading around a little fertilizer first being full of BS ironically an expression of your own true nature. 

The following blocks of text are exceprts from my first year of  Blagues, nos. 1491-1495. I am reading through all of my Blagues, five per day, and posting some samples here. Now, in my sixth year of writing this Blague, by the time I get to my seventh, I will have journeyed through all the daily Blagues of my first five years. If that’s confusing I apologize. Year seven, I’ll only have to read through year six, once a day.

Even the fact that Uranus is named for the Greek god of the Universe, while all the other planets bear the Roman versions of their mythic namesakes, suggest something of a departure from the norm that characterizes the sign of Aquarius. Uranus, meaning sky or heaven, has many a debatable and probably composite etymology. We derive the modern word urine from the name, and most root words have watery origins and associations, like “to moisten”—it is said that Aphrodite emerged from the sea fertilized by Uranus’ castrated bits (Saturn struck him down just as he was later struck down by his own usurping son, replacing him as chief god). Uranus is associated specifically with dew, which parallels the Aquarius female archetype of, among others, the goddess of the dawn. Ruled by this starry god the universe, and placed opposite Leo (ruled by the Sun) on the astrological wheel, Aquarius is associated with other, distant suns, a single star, if not the infinitely sparkled heavens filled with countless ones. In the Tarot, the Star card depicts the astrological Water Bearer; but Aquarius isn’t a water sign but the sole fixed-air sign, again a point of light if not a billion of them. Air signs are ideological, and so fixed-air translates to a steady beacon, immutable fact, upper-case Truth and conviction. The sign’s motto is the very definite I knowand, as a rule, Aquarians are emphatic and insistent in their intellectual viewpoints despite the fact that they are often a lone voice in the wildnerness, the proverbial weirdo who is really just ahead of their time. That biblical Water Bearer, John the Baptist, lives outside of societal norms, going out on a limb to deliver his fixed-air version of the truth, the good news, speaking of what (and who) is to come, bidding others “prepare ye the way” for some sudden and sweeping change. And  in so doing, Aquarians do lose their head a bit in the expression of their zeal.

In classical mythology, the female cup bearer, Hebe, pours the nectar that restores gods’ youthful immortality (just as John the Baptist bears baptismal waters offering everlasting life). Hebe (the maiden form of Hera) is wedded to Heracles, a mortal, who elevates to a god via their union; the name Heracles means beloved of Hera. This makes her a descending goddess, one designed to elevate the mortal experience. Likewise, Eos, the goddess of the dawn, also falls in love with a mortal, and, again we again have reference to the dew, one of the interpretation of the name Uranus. In a sense, the dawn which brings the dew, is a water bearer itself. The goddess of the rainbow Iris, who also carried a pitcher of water/nectar (and sometimes doubles for Hebe) is the messenger of Hera and, like the other descending goddesses, is the link between the divine world and that of we mere mortals. Back to the bible: Salome, the female counterpart to John the Baptist, with her seven colored veils isthe rainbow goddess, her striptease is the drawing away the veil, inviting us over the rainbow bridge, just like Iris, drawing us upward to the heavens, yet another interpretation of the that fixedplace in the air.

If Trump is Gumby that makes Pence Pokey. And you know what that means.

Anyway some more cosmic thoughts about the Waterbearer…

Aquarius is all about drawing back the veil on everything, exposing realities heretofore unbeknownst to us, that is what revelation is: the revealing of that which has been true all along. What is social or cultural evolution but the discovery of natural facts that inform our own invention subsequent innovation. If we wish to fly a plane it should be designed on a bird, or the helicopter, the dragon fly. Revelations are sudden and sweeping. They are the dawning of immutable notions that ultimately alter the course of our life. Aha’s happen in a moment and we newly navigate from there, sudden revelations being quite like biological mutations in this dynamic.

Making a seemingly sharp turn: the sign of Aquarius rules the ankles. Now guess which human body part among the most recent evolutionarily? Yep. As we were raised upright, the ankle went through an accelerated reinvention, which is why, you see, it’s also among the most fragile parts of us. Fragility is thus an element of the Aquarian spirit which you will readily agree with in light of those of the sign in your lives. They are in this way extreme: Of all of us they are the most solid in their convinctions, indeed synonomous with them, living, like a devout follower, or more likely the guru or cult leader, navigating life according to strict and typically lofty, radical and sweeping ideologies, if only personal ones; and yet they are the first to crumble if you say boo to contradict them. They are all too quick, Aquarian men, especially, to take any form of criticism or contradiction as outright persecution. Things become very heightened for these children of the heavens.

Now, we’ve spoken of the sky god Uranus but what of his mother-wife, Gaia, the personification of the Earth itself, also a Waterbearer, the planet being three-quarters covered (not to mention ice caps, glaciers, ubiquitous moisture and the vapor-filled air—clouds, too, bear water)? Gaia is a primordial goddess, second only to Chaos; she is the great- (great) grand mother goddess who bore the Titans who in turn bore the Olympians and their reigning progeny. (Note: the Sagittarian archetypes are Olympian, followed by Capricornian’s Titan archetypes, and now we are one more time removed a generation in Aquarius with its archetypes.) And with Gaia as mother to Uranus she is once more removed herself. This speaks to the difference in personality between men and women of the sign, too. Aquarius man, as befits his sky-god assignation, can be equal parts distant and utterly imposing, whereas Aquarius woman who is probably more detached a personality, still, is more lovingly so.

They are universal mothers in the sense that, though they may rise to guru status like their male counterparts, they are seen as nurturing, indeed mothering forces. But make no mistake: the likes of Aquarians Oprah and Ellen are charismatic cult leaders just the same. Regardless of gender of which there may be many—this is among the least binary of signs—Aquarians are the most impersonal of folk. They divest emotion generally, universally, and what they lack in intimacy they make up for in multiplicity, knowing a great many people whom they treat rather equally. They make the most affable acquaintances while showing little more affection in their otherwise closest bonds.

  Aquarius rules the ages 70-77 which, at least metaphorically, may coincide with a certain second childhood—an ironic correlation perhaps to the renewal energy of the cupbearer doling out eternal youth. Following the 10th house of individual career achievement, status and standing, the 11th house is where we use that sway for universal benefit. It is the world stage, vast networking, large groups and organization and the affecting of positive change via sweeping platforms. You might say we see a return to a sort of free-form, wide-scale adult-kindergarten where focus is on collaboration and sharing. Someone said “unless you become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven,” that fixed, airy paradise Aquarius seeks to establish here on earth.

I have been overthinking about my performance heroes which do include Spaulding Grey and Eric Bagosian. That’s really what I’m going for. I’d like to put together a whole bunch of writing and just sit in a chair until I felt like getting up. That’s my idea of performance. I don’t get a lot of what I see. But that’s just me. Anyway, I’ve said it before but it’s on the list of life challenges I’ve yet to meet; but I gotta say, for the first time probably ever I can say: that I’m definitely there. Believe me it isn’t a boast I would readily make if such a boast could be. Forty five to go. It’s six weeks basically and I’m feeling confident about it. I am looking so forward, too, to swimming in a warm pool. I might figure out how to do just that on Saturday as well. Yes that is what I will do I will find a pool to go to and just stay in it. Harkens me back to glorious times on the roof of the Printing House—how I loved taking jacuzzis with the likes of Robert Sean Leonard. What ever happened to him? He’s like a younger JCM in so many ways.

I think Libra people really let other people have it, which sounds bad; but, more times than not, they do call out others on their worst stuff—they shine a light on it, draw it to the surface, into the light, they expose others, provide disinfectant. Of course she’s a Libra: Judge Judy is like the funnest example we have of this. It’s a good way to think about it given the sign’s association with light (August Lumière), the abstract image “the personality” as a snapshot, a projection. Anyway just another passing thought. Also if a Libra is finding any one of the infinite relationships they have to be lop-sided, unequally reciprocating, they are not above saying so. Justice isn’t blind, it’s bitchy. People of the sign would do well to let some things go, if only for the fact that it often creates more upset for the Libra to be that long arm of the law than it does for the target of Libra’s rebuke. I myself have regretted the severity with which I have censured people in this situation. I have too strong and cutting a way with words and it is probably my most prominent character flaw. So I like to take my life experience and make it general fodder for a Libra chapter in some book. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

The fact is I might have gotten all I could get onto paper right now. Not to say I won’t keep delivering even as I get ready for my afternoon meeting. I’m looking forward to it I think. Well I’m definitely into the project we are currently working, which actually launches in under three weeks. What fun that is going to be. I really want to promote the pooh out of it. And do all we can to proliferate the entire enterprise. I would love it if they would take off in all different ways and when I say they I mean the product. There’s a clue…the meeting went quite well and yet we have to pull back on some things like photo shoots; but I have my eyes and ears open for other creative possibilities. The point is to be as creative (prolific) as possible; it is the creation of the thing. All very Leo (followed by critical Virgo which may improve upon the pure output of Leo). The sheer proliferation of Leo (that is a nice phrase). The path of proliferation? Perhaps not. At this point I have written three chunky enough paragraphs to tie this thing off and call it a Blague.

Oh screw it. I ended up fixing up some Pisces content after all:

In our book Sextrology, the Pisces woman and man chapters are titled The Dreamand The Drifter, respectively, and, of all the individuals on the astrological block, they are best at giving in and/or over to living life on life’s terms. That is to say dissolving into the here and now of their circumstance, if only sometimes treading water, seeking foremost to avoid struggle, all of which requires a great sacrificing of ego. They posses, once again, paradoxically, the greatest potential for transcendence via their power of belief (whatever their particular brand of sublimity might be) and yet they are most challenged to achieve such an end, feeling more lost than the rest of us in the soup of life. Their superpower is to perform magic, if not miracles, which is no easy feat. Still there is something (about the metaphysics of this sign) that compels its natives to let go all expectation (of the how and the when of their successes) while holding firmly to best possibleintention. Pisces’s sign motto is I Believewhich is more than just faith (Capricorn) or conviction (Aquarius); as a mutable sign, which blends the energies of its two previous sign, we thus perceive belief to be such an amalgam of purest faith and truest conviction as to infiltrate the very fabric of reality not forcing, but allowing it to yield Pisces goodly intentions. This is the true meaning of the mutable-water assignation, and of Neptune’s dissolving force:If all we perceive isn’t truly fixed, but fields of energy blending, one into another, than the so-called substance of being is determined by the energy we are, and that which we are putting out there via our belief. If we dissolve the impediments to them—circumstance and limiting thoughts—and we remove the notion of space and time (trusting in inevitability of the manifestion of our belief) that which we belief in, primarily our self, is already coming into being. We, all of us, possess this power. It’s just that, for Pisces people, it is decidedly frontloaded. They more readily give over to the plot of life as it is already happening, like a lucid dreamer must do if s/he would have the dream continue. Any lucid dreamer will tell you that if you try to impose your will on the dream it will dissolve before your mind’s eye). But if you continually give over to the plot of the dream, yourself dissolving into it, you will be taken on an inner journey of phantasmagorical depth and dimension. Such is the desired dynamic of Pisces’s actual existence and their default approach to bringing such a vivid path to life.

Vibrating at a high cosmic level, Pisces people prove this newly invented adage, that: the more accepting one is of what is, the more one may change it into what could be. Acceptance is the gateway to Love on every level. While in this cosmic context of Pisces we aren’t speaking of romantic love, but of the purely spiritual form of Love as, we might agree, the animating force in the Universe. The great primordial goddess of the sea, who emerged from the foam thereof, is Aphrodite (Roman: Venus). Though planet Venus rules Taurus on the earth plane (nymphs and flower god archetype) and Libra on the astral plane (airy Apollo and prophentic high-priestesses) the archetype of Aphrodite-Venus powers the sign of Pisces. We think of her as the goddess of lower-case love and beauty but she was rather demoted to that post upon entering the patriarchal pantheon which struggled to place. We see her in emanation, too, as the wife of  Poseidon-Neptune, Amphitrite, his famed trident originally being her symbol, that of the great triple goddess, as is the shamrock, the lily (Aphrodite’s sacred flower), the fleur de lis. The mother of Poseidon’s two daughters are alternately, dually, attributed to both goddesses. The name Amphitrite means “the third one who circles the sea.” Three points making a circle, the triple god/desses portray the whole of human existence, youth-maturity-age; and speaks, here and now, to Pisces people’s sense of the all of their life, all at once, you might say, their own alpha-omeganess; but also tho being something of an every-wo/man or an empath who can relate to the all of life, including the people in it. Pisces people will gravitate to the strangers in a room at any given gathering. For males of the sign, the trident is the triple phallus, meant to mate with the triple goddess, and thus points, despite his signature unpredictability, to the ability of the god Poseidon (and his human Pisces sons) to be the life-long mate who plays the eternal lover of the maiden, to the mother (of his children) and to the inherent wise woman she becomes. Pisces men can be lifers when it comes to love relationships.

Another name for Aphrodite is called Mari (the sea) and she is thus cognate to Mary, Stella Maris, the star of the sea. Both Aphrodite and Mary have sons, Eros and Jesus, who are embodiments with Love. Eros, which means love, like Jesus, is the eternal babe, yet he is also the oldest, most primordial of the creation gods, just as Jesus is one and the same with the father-creator. Aphrodite and Eros took fish form and we know all about the Jesus fish from certain people’s automobile decoration. All this to say that the philosophical concept of Pisces is thus: That if you were to remove all physical manifestation from the world (which isn’t physical but energetic or spiritual anyway) what is behind it all, the very backdrop of existence, is, essentially Love. And someone once supposedly said something like: blessed are those who believe without seeing.

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