An Ancient Sword, Used In Many Battles, Is Displayed In A Museum is the Sabian Symbol at Pisces 13°. It points to a consecrated man, through effectual use of his will, becoming a symbol of courage for those who follow. Fittingly this oracle is ruled by Libra in a twelve-fold sequence as becoming a symbol is what the sign is all about—as the only abstract sign in the Zodiac, the Scales point to equality, balance, harmony and justice—Justice, the Lady of the Scales, weilds the sword of righteousness. It points to willpower being the ultimate weapon and it’s undeviating expression is that by which individual worth is judged.

Yesterday, in the Virgo-ruled Pisces image, we saw new initates to a occult brotherhood being judged for acceptance. Today we get a sense of that which we are judged upon. Those with this degree well aspected in their charts may be willfull in the extreme, meeting inner challenges and conflicts as well as outside adversity. But what is will? In occult terms it doesn’t originate with the individual but it is god, or th divine operating through ones mind. It is the energy of the collective, or the whole, manifested in one fell swoop of your convictions. Your will is the signaling to “the Brotherhood” that you are available as a conduit for the greater good.

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