A Lady Wrapped In A Large Stole of Fux Fur is the Pisces 14° image. The fox is the key element here, symbolically clever, subtle and cunning. It signals any ability to adapt to most conditions and situations. Whereas the sword, yesterday, portrayed the individual will as a conduit for the divine, the fox stole is more of a protective, sheilding image. We are meeting the inclemencies of actual weather but also that of a psychic nature, something to which we open ourselves. This brings us to the Scorpio rulership, in a twelve-fold sequence, of this symbol. Whereas the idealogical sword of the previous Libran oracle speaks to the imposition of the will, here must defend against certain psychic possession, of a vampiric nature, which is the part of the Scorpion estate. That sign is concerned with possession on the energetic level—just as its so-called opposite sign of Taurus is hinged on material possessions. Scorpio wishes to get under your skin. It is subversive and subliminal and it can take a near exorcism to rid oneself of the hold it can have. Scorpion people, as a rule, infiltrate the minds of those around them—it is all about control. And so the initiate seeks to protect herself, at that very vulnerable point of entry around the neck and throat, with some form of animal (instinctual) shield, like that of Athena’s aegis. The true meaning of putting on ones glamour was to activate a psychic shield of sorts, to switch on an impenetrable power. I don’t know about you but I do it all the time.

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