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Dear Friends

As you may know we are launching the first annual Glow Festival in Cambridge at Oberon/American Repertory Theater in Cambridge as our hosting venue. Given the size and scope of the city our vision is to grow the Glow into a proper summer fringe festival. In line with our mission and work with the Afterglow Festival in Provincetown, our non-profit enterprise is determined to keep alive progressive theater and performance in myriad forms in an encroaching atmosphere of gentrification and commercial arts and entertainment. In a condo world of Broadway stars and remakes, the only way to foster progressive stage arts is the non-profit route.

Starting small with this new Glow Fest I thought it would be easy to raise a mere $15K, the minimum amount needed to pay for the venue and anciallary expenses. The venue alone is costing us $10K in guarantee. With the success of our Glowberon series at Oberon/ART, we’ve learned that Boston and Cambridge does indeed have willing audiences for our artists, many of whom have written off Boston in the past because they felt unwelcome here. Our non-profit wants to change that notion and connect an engaged audience with out great artists. Unlike Provincetown, which shall remain and hopefully thrive as an incubator for new works by emerging and evolving artists, Cambridge is big enough to one day support a multi-venue fringe festival on par with Edinburgh and other major festival cities. Moreover, we can change the story and embrace Cambridge’s cultural past as a bastion of experimental theater, performance, comedy, music, art-rock and myriad other forms and restore it to its proper bohemian glory as a mecca for stage arts, from Harvard to Central to Inman squares.

The new Glow Festival begins in a week. We are receiving great press (see Boston Globe link below) and there will be a nice piece on the PBS/WGBH “Open Studio” program next Friday. It was my hope that some of the local businesses—restuarants, shops, services and the like of which I myself am a patron—would have rallied around this cause which, in turn, only sends audience their way (with some pointed prodding from us), but we haven’t raised a single penny. Not a sou. So here I am, a week away, putting out something of a empassioned plea: Please, if you can Sponsor the new Glow Festival (at the $1K level) or become a festival Sparkler (at the $100s level), we are a fully fledged 501 (c) (3) charitable arts organization to which donations and sponsorships are deductible to the full extent of the law and we would truly appreciate your help and will provide you with tickets and other perks as best we’re able!

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