Cancer 20°

When Stella goes away I consume many things that begin with p: pasta, pizza, puff pastry, paté, pungent cheeses and other profundities. I always say myself when she first leaves: Now, there’s no reason to devolve into some primordial soup—you can perform your same rituals alone as you do shared. You don’t have to wreck the entire house, moving from room to room, making a general mess. And yet it always happens and I always spend my final day cleaning. I hate being typical in any way but especially this way.

I also usually binge on Game of Thrones. I can do other things while it’s on since I’ve seen every episode multiple times. But I find you fill in so many gaps on repeat viewings. The opening of the first episode of the seventh series seemed a bit far-fetched, even for GOT world. Jumped the Stark a bit.

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