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What I really didn’t know about Wellfleet was how yah it really was. The town has always been the hippy chic character on the Cape where each town has it’s own personality. Wellfleetians, the yearround ones, are really their own breed. They have names like Josiah and Caleb and Nathaniel and other such old-testament monikers that match a place near where those pilgrims first landed. Their are families whose female ancesters had the honorific Goody attached to their names. It’s like that. In the fifties, sixties and seventies (and eighties probably), Wellfleet seemed to be the Cape town distinguished by attracting a Jewish intelligentia which is still in evidence. Jewish surfers with PhDs? Wellfleet is hub of that universe.

I’ve been going to the beach most days early in the morning and the roads through the woods out to the wild ocean are filled with joggers and cyclists and other type-A personalities, hardly any cars. These active folk are everywhere and make Wellfleet seem so much more well-heeled than one might have originally imagined.

There are many boat, if not yacht people, and many right-wingers in so lefty and kibutzy a place. They are loud and boisterous because their boats aren’t as big as they wish they were. Anyway, we’ve been keeping Sirius radio’s Yacht Rock on, initially, for the novelty. But also they play some great songs and some bad ones too. There are the de rigeur Christopher Cross songs and ninety-nine percent of all songs seem to include Michael McDonald singing back up or side melodies.


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