Cancer 28° (July 18)


So after the deep dive and Fran not showing up I went over to where S. was getting her blowout and she was nearly done. Again, having been up since 5, and not yet having any kind of pub experience in London this trip, I said I’d go next door for a beer and wait for her. I tried about five different beers until I found the one I liked. And then Build Me Up Buttercup came on. This song is arguably my first ever favorite song (possibly after A Little Bit of Soul). While it was on, and I was singing every word, S. entered and we set off back to the butcher. I had explained that I wanted to check out the GAP if it still existed in Islington, but S. wasn’t going anywhere near that area. Anyway they didn’t have th style I was looking for in a shirt so I was in and out of there and met S. back at the butcher corner and headed back to make burgers with a sort of home made catsup. Otherwise it was something of a blur. I brought the bags down to the living room. No. 4 was watching Love Island and tweeting. I tentatively told her a bad Betty White joke. I slept in the spare room and I had some kind of coughing jag in the night. Anyway I put the towel into the hamper. Good thing I had remembered where I shoved m robe etc. I forgot to remember to check the windows in the living room I ccan only hope that I closed them. I did end up writing Matt to remind him to check. But I couldn’t know whhat I was in for today, which ended up being a tiny catastrophe.

So we called a luxe Uber to take us all the way to the airport after all which wasn’t my decision but it was a good one in any case. We breezed through but the conveyor belt wasn’t working when we checked in our bags. Foreshadowing. I had the full English breakfast and some bloodies on the plane and then we arrived in Corfu. Only our bags did not. We were hopefully standing at the carousel not realizing that everyone else we recognized from the plane was queing up at the lost and found. Such a bummer. They let the man through who was waiting for us and he was as helpful as he could be in the circumstance which, it was dawning on us, was dire. We got into a snit with each other as a result as the driver took us to meet the ferry to Albania. We had to go to Albania because people aren’t allowed to get on our off boats in Greece anymore due to the refugee problem apparently. It is such a mess. So we met the Scottish couple friends of J. and N. at the dock of the ferry for Albania and it was just the six of us on the actual boat which was weird and kind of cool. It only took half an hour. Panic was setting in as my bloodies were wearing off. Someone took our passports from us at that dock and put us into a car that took us to another dock where the boat was and the crew were assembling on board. Captain Al was unrecognizable as he lost a ton of weight spurred on by the fact he had a benign tumor on his pituitary gland. He stopped drinking and made a ton of other changes apparently and he now looks like a totally different person. Apparently he was featured in an issue of the South African Men’s Health magazine.

We had a refreshing drink of watery juice or juicy water and then just hung out. Everyone else went to unpack. I made a joke like how dare you change clothing when they all emerged in new outfits. The boat headed to Corfu. We had canapes of quail egg and potoatoe with caviar and people mainly had Manhattans and Old Fashions. I have a Negroni. Okay I had two. Then we had a lovely dinner of Beef Wellington (there was Turbot too) and vegetables and potato and there was a sort of cake which I’ll have to have someone remind me what it was exactly. I had a bunch of red wine and we played Cards Against Humanity and laughed our snoots off and stayed up rather late. I might have talked about my eleven-year-old experiences (I did) which was likely TMI but there it is. I don’t really think I made a mistake in so doing but you never know how these things will go. I am feeling very upset about the luggage thing but I do think I’m hiding it well.


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