Gemini 4° (May 24)

Tried to fall back but It won’t let me. So I will just keep moving the needle. (I am having audio hallucinations with the window fan in.) I’m so tired I’m nauseous. Oh well I’m going to try to make the writing fun today. Yesterday’s news was pretty spectacular and now we have something in our back pocket. I’m going to let that cheer me on. Shooting for ten pages today! Let’s see what I can come up with:To live within the confines of what is widely viewed by the general population as an “accepted” lifestyle is part and parcel of the Crab man’s protective shell. Self-acceptance is another story: Of all the men in the zodiac, Cancer is most apt to keep hidden elements of his true nature which he labels weird or abnormal. Astrology’s Prince Charming typically won’t let it be known that he likes to wear Cinderella’s slippers when she’s not home. Repression, leading to depression, is something which the Crab must keep a watchful eye on. He is so good and hiding inner struggle that others are rarely of any help should he begin to buckle under his inner pressures. Cancer is prone to trying to distract himself from internal affairs by making externals a priority if not an obsession. Many a Moonchild’s fortune and mansion were built upon compulsively working and earning as a means of diverting attention away from psychological and emotional issues that challenge, indeed threaten the status quo Cancer is determined to sustain. Keeping up appearances and the proverbial it together all too easily become part of his overall pretense, which often bleeds into his familial relations. For starters, he is drawn to strong-willed partners who, perhaps unlike is own parents, don’t show signs of personal weakness. If anything, he will bond with authoritative, self-preservational types who not only don’t exhibit  much in the way of human frailty, but who have little tolerance for it in others. A strong moral compass, even a skewed one, is viewed as an anchor for the Cancer who fears such strong undercurrents that might carry him off in directions he deems undesirable, even dangerous. Typically feeling unmoored in youth, raised in a family where he was largely left to his own devices, he longs for structure; as such, he often ends up in relationships with bossy types who task him with to-dos, which he finds to be an opportunity, a source, for appreciation. He often is the more nurturing parent, which also falls under fourth house rule, although he expresses his affection mostly through providing guidance and discipline, rather than doting on or otherwise indulging his children. He may not show it, thankfully, but he tends to have extremely high expectations of his children, especially when it comes to their intellect and creativity, as he tends to care little about their sporting ability or other such physical feats. If he were to have a child that he secretly considered, say, dim, he would take it very personally and internalize his disappointment, while expressing a sort of vague tolerance toward the child that others might barely notice. This is the thing about Cancer man: Except to the keenest of observers, the emotional and psychological make-up of the Moonchild seems to be, on the whole, calm if not bordering on placid. But as we say the more seeming mild-mannered and composed, if not outright rehearsed, the Cancer man seems to be, one can expect that he is that much more in a whirlpool of turmoil beneath the surface. 

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