Gemini 5° (May 25)

Today will be my first supermarathon day and I have to let the content suffer a bit in the process. Speed over accuracy today. Head down power through: In our book Sextrology, the Cancer woman chapter is titled The Pearl which metaphorically speaks to someone of rare, fine and admirable quality. Pearls are actually formed as a result of the mollusk employing a defense mechanism, a triggered immune response, to protect against parasites; so too does the Cancer woman become a fine and venerable pearl of wisdom by keeping her own defenses—that Crab shell—strong. Boundaries are crucial for the Cancer woman, who largely grows up having them crossed on a regular basis before she’s old enough to know their importance in the first place; and, of course, they work both ways, and it naturally follows that part and parcel of having what should be your own boundaries crossed is not knowing when you’re stepping over such lines yourself. Of all the signs, Cancer woman can be the most full-on in her youth, a high-energy, so often high-maintenance character you might at times wish came with an off switch. Cardinal-water points to a well-spring, a source of a rushing, rolling river, and the rain that sees it rise and flood. (In our philosophy cardinal Cancer is the fresh-water sign, fixed Scorpio is akin to ice and other crystals, and mutable Pisces is the salty primordial sea, foam, mists, fog and vapor.) The waters of Cancer are alternately life-giving, most civilizations having sprung up in fertile river valleys, and, as the flood myths associated with the sign suggest, devastating to biblical proportions. The boundless energy of the young Cancer can make her spirited in the extreme, and often rambunctious, and it isn’t a stretch to say she comes at you like that rushing river, bursting into any given scene, and it can warrant catching your breath. She can be a lot, and yet so energized a presence as to breathe new, extra life into any setting or situation. The force of a river can power mills and turbines and entire grids, but it must be properly harnessed to do so. For Cancer woman it really is about getting back to the source, a term so central to her archetype. The second quadrant of the zodiac is hinged on emotional level, metaphysically speaking, and that of environment, as they do go hand in hand. The mother principle of Cancer’s ruler Moon portrays the environment (planet, universe) as a present, female source of all creation hinged on nurture, in direct contrast to the father principle of Leo’s ruler Sun which suggests a distant, male force determined by authority. The irony for the young Cancer, especially, is that she can often look to the men in her lives for answers, support and comfort, and typically as a result of feeling a lack of a strong, safe male presence in her earliest upbringing. We have long alluded to the fact, for reasons we cannot explain except by virtue of astrology, that Cancer girls grow up in female-dominated households; and even when they, say, have several brothers for siblings, will be singled out by domineering mother figure who keep the Crab on an extremely short leash and task her with more than her fair share of chores and responsibilities. We never stray very far from the Cinderella character when working with the Cancer female, for the fairy tale, with its midnight curfew and anthropomorphic nocturnal creatures, is a powerful archetype to work with for women of the sign. It is the putting out feelers of Cinderella’s longing that conjures her own higher power in the form of the fairy godmother, who can be seen as an exalted aspect of self, as her own dearly departed mother in spirit form, as that universal source of nurture that is the mother principle itself, and, of course, all of the above. 

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