Gemini 6° (May 26)

The main goals for today are to be able to text all three parties, senor FF and lawyers, at once in case of emergencies. That will not happen. I’m not going to dwell on what a drag this all is. I know what I have to do. Work to do: Needless to say, not every Cancer woman has a wicked, or even withholding, mother who used her as a house maid, but experience has shown that the majority of Moonchildren reading this will, sadly, relate. Such that the notion of mother can loom negatively large in the context of Cancer’s early life. Even if her mother was a totally benign presence, it might be that she was preoccupied with career or other concerns such that the Cancer girl had to pick up the slack on the domestic front. Whatever the particulars, Cancer typically begins to adopt a sort of deprivation-and-reward pattern in her attitude and behavior, racing through the doldrums of domestic responsibilities, then rushing out to have a ball with some charming prince/ss with a potential shoe fetish. The fourth astrological house associated with Cancer is called the house of home, specifically both the home one comes from and the home one creates for oneself in their maturity, the age span ruled by the sign being 21-28. The house also rules customs, inheritances, ancestry, property and other such things that can be passed down through generations. Come adulthood, the Cancer woman will have been conditioned such that she might risk taking some of the customs of her home of origin with her when setting up her own house. And we’re not talking end tables here but learned, reactionary behavior. Any admonishing aspects of her young life, whether or not they were perpetrated by an ogre of a parent, might carry over with her as forms of self-punishment to be followed by so-called rewards, which might, in the end, actually constitute additional forms of self-abuse. In truth, Cancer woman tends to be among the more party animalistic portion of the female population, and self-regulation can become increasingly dicey if she’s not careful. Moonchildren are sensitive creatures with volatile emotions that pool just below the surface of their being, such that their moods (actually blamed on/named for their ruler Moon) can be altered dramatically not only by drugs or alcohol but also by their own strong chemical reactions to situational stimuli or even their own anxieties, memories, traumas and other internal affairs. Put it all together and it can be a cocktail shaker of histrionics the likes of which nobody needs ever see, let alone experience, as she often does, firsthand. Just as there is a perpetual light and dark side to her ruler Moon, the Crab exhibits sharply defined dualities in her personality. All the signs, with their inherent superpowers, also have their shadow sides; it’s just that Cancer’s might be the darkest of them all, but that’s the law of compensation for you, offsetting what is so potentially luminous a persona as she. Other stark contrasts include being dutiful in the extreme then letting her hair down so completely that our homegirl Cinderella gives Rapunzel a run for her money. The downside of having such illimitable energy is a tendency to burn the proverbial candle at both ends more fiercely and for longer periods of time than most others could bear, and Cancer learns time and again she is indefatigable to a fault.

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