Gemini 7° (May 27)

Bank and Eastham. Moving things along ever so gently. I’m ready. Here’s some words: As we’ve so often said, the whole of Cancer woman’s life is a journey out of what seems like chaos in her youth toward the perception of a natural rhythm, an ebb and flow as befits her tide-ruler Moon. To extend the water analogy, she can tucker herself out, thrashing about, typically in protest of restraints that are put upon her in youth, and suffer real bouts of panic in the process, until such time as she stops struggling, relaxes into her experience, alternately floating and treading lightly. Going with the current (that is to say the present) speeds her trip toward the future, on which she is most certainly focused; and with a calm, clear eye she can more precisely survey the big picture of what lies down river. It may be very lucrative for the intuitive Crab to know that she can often make a killing with investments, stock, money, or real-estate markets, as her powers of prediction are unparalleled. Projecting her inklings into possible future payouts is actually a means of institutionalizing her natural intuition, putting it into practice and honing it over time. Whether or not it is her chosen profession, every Cancer woman is a trend analyst of some kind. It’s one and the same as her ability to foretell where this culture or that, or the whole human race, for that matter, is headed. For, all Cancer women are also sociologists. As such, you can fall prey to nostalgia, Cancer, that longing aspect of your nature being bi-directional; and though it is always best not to dwell, by astrological design, it is your birthright to look to those fourth-house customs, folkways, traditions, mores and, above all, moral codes that you value from the past, and to bring them forward in what ways you can. Embodying what you believe is the first order there, seeking out like hearts and minds is the second. And, in the raising of a family, or in the proliferation of your valued counsel in private or professional settings or both, you can make a real impact and protect certain social and cultural codes that you hold dear, especially if they are threatened or in danger of being lost. Typically, it is along these lines that Cancer woman’s activism kicks in, ensuring that progress that’s already made isn’t eroded or rolled back. The whole of the Moonchild’s life constitutes a shift from experiencing life from an accidental perspective to an intentional one. Being born a Cancer woman can feel like being tossed into some rolling rapids, that everything is randomly happening to her and that experience is often a rather desperate struggle to keep your head above water and find something solid to hold onto. As she evolves, Cancer comes to realize that she can take in what life is throwing at her, even in rapid succession, and view it all as information,  labeling it one big “if so” and allow it to inform “then what” she intends to do with said information. With life itself as her scene partner, like the great actor she is, Cancer will let whatever “line” she’s being delivered to move in on her, fully, emotionally, so to inspire strong motivation in her to act and achieve her next objective. She may have to constantly change tack in order to do so. As when literally sailing a boat, changing tack back and forth, it can feel as if you’re forever going sideways and not getting anywhere, but from a gods-eye perspective, a divine, cosmic, universal point of view, it looks clear that you are going steadily forward in a straight line.

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