Gemini 8° (May 28)

Relatively quiet day just getting some thoughts on virtual paper: Flood myths archetypally reside in the psyches of all Moonchildren. In the biblical line we draw a parallel between the old book and sequence of the signs. Aries, cardinal-fire, is the sparky big bang of creation; Taurus, fixed-earth, is the garden, Eden; Gemini, mutable-air, is biting into that apple, the fall, consciousness expressed as duality of opposites, it’s motto is I think, original sin city; then along comes Cancer, cardinal-water, the flood, to wash all the ills of the world away. Flood myths are about recovery, that upper-case Hope that floats, and deliverance; and it is the metaphorical and metaphysical summing up of your life, Cancer. You’re supposed to feel that you were born into some state of chaos, away from which you immediately start swimming. Because the Moonchild is wild one so often, early in her life, many a Cancer woman will find herself in some kind of recovery program in any case—we have long maintained that “the zodiac is the original twelve-step program,” indeed if you were to superimpose the steps on the signs you’d perceive a great many similarities. Made a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves is the fourth step in AA, which very much relates to the most mysterious fourth astrological house, which sits at the base of the wheel of the zodiac, the nadir, and represents the inner most private aspect of a person, where, you might say, we are most a mystery to ourselves. As, the house of the home you come from and the home you create for yourself it speaks to certain passage, what you carry with you, and so it suggests a certain taking of inventory as well, and a moral one at that. It is the house of mores and moral codes, customs and folkways, as well as inheritances, both material and genetic, our real and metaphoric DNA. Searching and fearless would sure apply to any characters in flood myths, which, it’s important to note, are found in the mythologies of most ancient peoples all over the planet, despite their isolation from another. And they are Cancer watchwords if ever there were some, especially as they correspond to the inner work women of the sign are wont to do, the soul-searching personal journey of the Crab following along a landscape of introspection. Taking a moral inventory is one and the same as chronicling your own codes and customs by which to live by, providing yourself a compass with which to navigate your journey, your recovery and ultimate deliverance. The sign of Cancer rules the gut, instincts and intuition. A moral compass isn’t powered by your mind, but by emotions, your sign’s motto, I feel. Your mind can play tricks on you and rationalize any behavior you might consider amoral; but your gut will never lie. The sign also rules the breasts, symbolic of the Cancer individual’s exceedingly nurturing nature. And these body parts metaphorically work hand in hand. Because in doing any kind of soul search—and let’s face it: the taking of a moral inventory is occurring in us at every moment—the next right thing for a Cancer woman to do is always going to be that which fosters care, sustenance, guidance, growth, wherewithal, wisdom, solace, consolation, support, relief, promise, safety, and any infinite number of provisions that the Cancer feels it is in her power to pass along to others or the environment at large. 

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