Capricorn 19° (January 9)

Dinner with Tim and Billy tonight. I will have a lunch of baked tofu w/ ginger and scallion. A relatively relaxing day. The wind is whipping. I receive a late breaking email from S. that makes my hear sink once again. I love visiting Zazu, it’s such a cool spot. Tim and Billy have such beautiful taste and their place is exactly what I would want for myself. Hopefully I’ll find something like that at some point. The kitties (Bebe and Stormy) are super cute and well behaved. I’m looking forward to making some major magic with Tim. Billy made a mayonnaise salad and boeuf bourguignon and we had some pastries from PBs. I keep telling them what to watch. I need to make a big movie list. I keep telling them Ideal Home will be their favorite. Doodle loodle loo Doodle loodle loo (traveling forward in time to nearly a year from now): And it’s pretty weird and fitting that the Tim and Billy thing happened a year ago as I had word from Tim today, it’s New Year’s day 2023 now, and saw photos of Billy doing his version of plunge (au naturel). Because yes, a year ago next week I will have spent an evening at their home. We’ve been going back and forth and after this night I will have them over again, but I will receive no invite after, and I will ultimately invite them again to me, only to learn that the friendship is somehow kaput. Well we know how somehow, or rather we know some version of the somehow which all stems from what will occur for you in September, conveniently, just nigh on your birthday, as one of the minions you never met will turn on you or so it seems; but you will get a note from madame ex say you are not to liaise with this, our web guy and I guessed graphic guy. It’s all very stupid because there was never any reason as to why, and to this day, there still isn’t. But what you will learn, months later, is that even though you didn’t do anything and it remains inexplicable, all the moreso, really, as said web guy now kisses your ass daily and acts as if nothing ever happened, which of course it fucking didn’t. But this guy is Tim’s guy so apparently, seething under the surface, was this weird resentment or something. Honestly this only surfaced like two weeks ago, when Tim basically said he didn’t want to be be friends. But then get this; not five days later did there arise a problem with his other minion who, as with the other one, we kind of got railroaded into using because they already work on Tim’s brand. A knee wig, I got a crazy email from minion two suddenly basically quitting and I was like where is this coming from. Sure enough, Tim had taken conversation that we three partners had just had together in earnest in a Zoom meeting about perhaps pausing this person’s work (social media) for a couple of months and somehow, well we know how: Tim told this guy that, what? Quinn didn’t want to work with him or something to that effect that would result in this guy writing me a hateful email out of nowhere….just like what happened with the other guy….oh come on. So at least the holiday brought clarity because in these past two years of being gaslit and scapegoated and left for dead by the road, I was actually really sad to lose two friends I really thought were keepers, Tim and Billy. But for whatever reason it wasn’t meant to be. Mean words have been spoken and that’s the way the cookie crumbles. I never say never, but I need a major break from hurtful people. I do not understand the way in which they conduct themselves. And if given a chance between the two of us at whom to point a finger? Oh, please. 

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