Cancer 8° (June 28)

I want to go fetal. I first want to admit that this really sucks that I lost five pages of this text that I’m writing is just devastating but I am of the mind to turn this into something positive that I’m going to get this party started so hard that it’s just never going to stop and I’m going to do this freaking project now from where I am to the completion of this first draft in the matter of one single month. Now my mail too is on the fritz. There is something super retrograde about today even though we are not in retrograde, Mercury isn’t anyway. I now have two versions of the same bit of my chapter. I need to move on. I was saying something about Artemis seeking exceptions from Zeus and how it leads to the Leo woman wanting to lead an exceptional life. There’s a certain pent up energy built in frustration about being born in this sign because there’s such a desire to take such a huge bite out of life that if the natives of the sign don’t feel that they are living a life of superlatives they can feel pretty desperate insofar as that word relates to despair. It takes a lot to make the Leo woman happy and she needs to feel she’s killing it in every aspect of her life. The clients who come to us were born under the sign picking up the thread of conversation from earlier their ideas of achieving fulfillment completion wholeness a life well lived is very much hinged on Knowing that they left no stone unturned in there hunt that is to say knowing that they’ve done everything they can to affect their desired life goals is will be reward enough what they won’t be able to abide at the end of the day is the feeling that they didn’t give it their all. Even as a youngster they will be singled out as exceptional among their peers infamously inhabiting the world of adults making friends with teachers and colleagues viewing their peers as comparative children. They’re on a fast track from day one And they don’t take life lightly. And there was the other thing. Make a list of your gripes. You’re talking about sort of the complaining kind of Leo or they’re not achieving something if it doesn’t sound like you if you’re it can be really exaggerated I think we’re talking about that I had keep themselves to a very high standard and then they’re really hard and other people feel like people want too much of them they could really create quite a drama 5th house is about that but maybe 1st we about Talk about theatrical mind everything is very height and very Technicolor it’s all quite a big deal very all or nothing prone to exaggeration 

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