Taurus 7° (April 27)

Went to change the cable over to Richard’s name. Packing and back and forth to the cottage again. EL came to check it out and tried to get my router going. We made a list of things that need doing which I will itemize but we finally settled on a great idea which is to make the entire front room a kitchen. I think it makes great sense. We went our separate ways and I continued to do what needed doing and had some anchovy pasta and chats with Kip and Nats, who, it turns out loves Belfast. Maybe I should buy a house and rent out rooms to other lonely divorcees LOL.

Cancer Man

Cancer man is self-protective, which, paradoxically, allows him to live more safely on a purely emotional level. Despite a signature insouciance (that shell) he is most sensitive and can easily be crushed by chaotic feelings. Not to be morbid but many a famed Cancer man has offed himself. Still, his sensitivity makes him the most caring of men. And it necessitates his being the most trusting, using his superpower of intuition to invest in the right people, places, and things. The sole cardinal-water sign (think well-springs and rivers of feeling), Cancer is carried along on the emotions he inspires in others. He keeps his own locked up, meanwhile, until he establishes a safe means for their expression. Irony is another Cancer strong suit, presenting his often pointy point of view, in a softened, even satirical way. These little jabs, in creative work or social banter, provide an escape valve for what can otherwise become a deluge of bottled-up opinion. Cancer is about passage, recovery, promise and deliverance, and men of the sign see life as a journey aimed at landing them on a more desirable shore than that of their origin. Cancer man lives in a private word, both real and imaginary, avoiding conflict and sticking to vague interaction unless he sees promise in it. He thus prefers solo work, where he can ebb and flow to his own rhythm, his mind drifting to imaginings of would-be scenarios he can ultimately realize. He personifies hope, promise and ease, attracting others on this score. He seems so completely unneedy, requiring no more than a soupcon of support. Still, he tugs at heartstrings, tickling funny bones, sensitivity and humor being hallmarks of his charm. But despite appearing unassuming he is one of the most calculated of characters. He aims to realize his potential, getting his claws into nurturing environments and people, particularly mother figures. He draws on such archetypes as young Moses, flowing on river of feeling from one mother to another; also Noah, Prince Charming, Walter Mitty and Pinocchio, for varying but related promising reasons.

Cancer is practiced in social repartee, losing track of who has or hasn’t heard his anecdotes before. He struggles to be present-minded, a result, perhaps of being cosmically designed to look, with hope, toward the future. This can result in anxiety and a challenge to find comfort in uncertainty. He is one of the zodiac’s existentialists, not given to opiates of religion or set belief systems. He sees no success as coming easy, despite making it appear otherwise. He is covetous of time he can call his own, because he does sacrifice himself more than most men to the responsibility and care of others. Family is paramount, and he has born to play househusband and rearer of children should his partner be more professionally engaged or absent. Still, he must create a path for career fulfillment, biding his time in the process of that ultimate inevitability.

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