Taurus 6° (April 26)

Have a shit lot to do. Back and forth to the cottage. Had afternoon chat with YX and went for late lunch at the Lobster Pot where I never need go more than once a year if that. Had chowder and lobster. Then had chat with EL and ended up watching Ideal Home (again) after a little mussels and such at Fanizzi’s.

Gemini Woman

Gemini woman is the cosmic switchboard operator—plugged in every which way. A nod to the Twins duality, she is the consummate connector, a role she doesn’t always want to play. She is well aware, or should be, that she can be a facilitator, a conduit, to others’ successes, via her own. Her superpowers include making amazing matches, partnerships, mutualities—equal, shared effort toward the “great work,” of mastering the happenstance of life. Despite being protean as per her mutable-air sign, she doesn’t like outward change. She is a homebody at heart and would prefer to play the puppet master, even, on a global scale, from the privacy of her own fuzzy slippers. She is the original tough cookie, promising sweetness with a bite. Drawing on “air sprite” archetypes such as Tinker Bell, she is saccharine when it suits, like Tink to Peter Pan, but in the turn of her head a devilish nature may emerge. Her ruler Mercury’s symbol sports a winged cap or insect antennae or horns, and this proverbial English rose of the zodiac can indeed be thorny.  As for Mercury’s mythic counterpart, winged Eris, goddess of discord, hell hath no fury like a Gemini scorned. Tink, the cartoon Eris, operates solely on nerves, and is easily rundown, needing utmost care and concern from others. So too does Gemini give, give, give, until she risks becoming utterly depleted. All her archetypes are for the birds: including Juliet (meaning downy), the passive beauty Helen of Troy and her assertive “twin” Clytemnestra, who both hatched from eggs after their mother lay with Zeus in swan form.

            Gemini is one person you want to have your back. She’s a protective tinker, a fixer of flailing situations, relationships and problems in general. She is the mother hen on whom others come to rely, and behind whom we must all fall in line. Given proper guidance, she is the best at covering basics, and all the bases therein, making the mechanics of daily life function smoothly. She can get lost in personal causes, if not invented drama, and excess busy work can divert and dissipate energy that might go toward more long-term thinking and achievement. Perfecting the daily ops of living affords her expert status to do so, increasingly remotely, somewhere in the ether. To her mind, that is what success looks like. Reward takes the form of unplugging, over time. The Gemini influencer’s word, her endorsement, is a prized gift in itself. Mercury= Logos, meaning word. Whether lending her own name or face to a project, or touting someone else’s, all is currency. Gemini women, more than most, have launched a thousand ad campaigns; even Tinker Bell is Disney’s brand ambassador. It is her superpower to alternately wave a wand and sprinkle fairy dust or, when feeling even the slightest bit slighted, deliver a zap of retribution. 

Romantically, Gemini falls for those in whom she believes, just as she does love at first sight. Astrology’s magpie, she seeks a lifelong bond, the irony being this may happen several times. Hers are working relationships where she plays boss lady in public, but team player in private. She may have vices she keeps under wraps, just one of the ways she leads a double life.

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