Taurus 5° (April 25)

Going to spend the day packing and perhaps go for a stroll. I’m writing this four days later so I don’t really remember. I have the next four days off and will make many trips to the new space. It’s a lot. Mitch will be dropping off the art work. Having a bunch of leftover chicken and peas and carrots etc. Nothing much to report really. Dropped off worksheet to Montano’s. Got some new gummies. Had some oysters. Very much a me day.

Gemini Man

Gemini is forever striking a bargain, internally negotiating opposing forces along the right vs. wrong dichotomy. Outwardly navigating his own wants against those he presumes are others’, he exacts his next move, the next deal, to further intentions. His is a tricky head to be in, his brand of mindfulness Machiavellian. He keeps others guessing, sowing confusion, creating distractions. He is self-aware to a fault, providing dazzle, excitement, aimed at keeping spirits bright (and unsuspecting). He personifies the old “fake it till you make it’ adage. For him, life is about his field of experience, and what buzz he can create within it. Immediacy is Gemini’s watchword. Ruled by Mercury, for the ever youthful, “apparating” quicksilver god of the crossroads (duality) and namesake marketplace, the sign speaks to the instantaneous and the intimate, immediacy of time and space. Gemini is focused on the here and now, being engaged by community and communication, often surrounded by boon companions, lieutenants, who’ll do his bidding. He thus attracts those who lack a will or direction of their own. The fairytale Mercury, Peter Pan amasses his tribe of lost boys seeking solace and guidance. And Gemini runs on the steam of such tribalism, if not mob mentality, like that other goodfellow in green tights, Robin Hood, operating in secret, on the element of surprise, being rather thuggish even in lofty pursuits. Other archetypes include flight risks like Puck, Robin/Nightwing and Jack Sparrow.

            The least introspective of signs, Gemini must work to cultivate an inner life. Even the work of great Gemini poet Walt Whitman is an exploration of all he sees, feels, senses right in front of him, a celebration of immediacy, the street-level of existence. Gemini too is occupied with urgent to-dos and shiny objects, cutting a path through life like an artful dodger snaking his way through a crowded market He is the consummate manipulator. Despite ill connotations, it speaks to his elusive superpower, that of positive thinking, hinged on experience being malleable and subject to the determination of our minds. He is nonetheless edgy and fearful of the answers to life’s big questions. He doesn’t like to feel things too deeply for his delicate nervous system. He keeps it light and moving; and yet he is more prone than most to subscribe to an eternal element of self—a soul. He takes from various religions and philosophies, tending not to fully subscribe to any one path. In love he is the least monogamist most philandering of fellows, forgiving what he might label human frailty, i.e. his own. Like Mercury, Gemini likewise wings his way through life, needing to cultivate patience, processes and preparation. Gemini is the master of the three-minute pop song, the elevator pitch, snappy patter, killer slogan or pithy pun. He is ephemera incarnate, living life to its fullest, like a mayfly on borrowed time. He doesn’t become mired in guilt, doubt or regret. Each moment provides a new opportunity to rewrite the proverbial headline. Being mercenary too stems more than etymologically from Mercury rule. 

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