Taurus 4° (April 24)

Didn’t eat much today. Some turkey bacon and eggs. Slept a lot and went in for a very boring Sunday shift which was still low-key fun.

Taurus Woman

If anyone can fulfill her destiny with easeful delight it is the Taurus woman. She is the zodiac’s whimsical pragmatist, endowed with a natural appreciation for life and its simple gifts of bounty. Though she seeks to be as free as can be from care and burdens (of heavy thoughts, especially) she is in no way avoidist. Rather she jumps into life, feet first, approaching all her endeavors from a natural sense of play. Ruled by planet Venus, namesake of the ultra femme goddess of love and beauty, Taurus embodies the fixed-earth assignation of her sign. That is to say, if Taurus man is the gardener of the zodiac, she is the garden itself, with the full range of metaphoric and metaphysical associations that go along with it. She is natural beauty personified, drawing on the naïve nymphs and other earthy nubile characters that express her planet’s inviting power of attraction, which is most alluring but can invite ill temptations. Like any well cultivated garden, Taurus needs to design a functional filtration system to keep out any snakes in the grass.

Her archetypes include Eve and Io, who took the form of a white heifer, the prototype of Snow White, along with other real or feigned naïve figures from Eve Harrington to Kimmy Schmidt, the biblical Esther to Myrtle Gordon in the classic Cassavetes film Opening Night. All these ancient and modern myths emphasize lessons needing learning in relationship to older, wiser women, a metaphor for the eternal dialogue between the adult Taurus and her inner child on which the whole of her existence is hinged. Envy and vanity are default character flaws for the Taurus; and she seeks to be valued, prized, and cherished and she can be impatient on this score, ingratiating herself to those she feels can further her ambitions. She can be treacle in her zeal to be treasured, feigning innocence and, stepping on others’ pedicures, taking signature shortcuts to success. Like her bovine symbol, she is myopic in this regard, meanwhile insidious aspects of her nature will not go unnoticed and can set her back lest she learns to pace herself and stop pushing. Befitting the sign’s association with the ages of 7-14 and those nubile nymphs many child stars have been Taurus, while all females born under the sign are designed to “enjoy being a girl.” Like Taurus Audrey Hepburn said: “I believe in manicures. I believe in overdressing. I believe in primping at leisure and wearing lipstick. I believe in pink. I believe happy girls are the prettiest girls,” and there is more to that quotation than meets the eye.

            Taurus’ superpower is a soft one. She is meant to shed artifice despite any signature love of cosmetics, embracing and cultivating the natural talents with which she is famously endowed. Her outsized gifts are to be appreciated, in every sense of the term, providing her a platform for protecting the natural world and the innocence (and innocents) thereof. Even the indulgence in adornment that Hepburn describes is truly a ritual embodiment of the feminine principle which, in contrast to the imposing masculine principle of the previous sign of Aries, prescribes intercession on behalf of the vulnerable, and taking responsibility, which, at its etymological root, means to respond, in this case, to any destructive forces of oppression and exploitation.

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