Sagittarius 23° (December 15)

I do feel as if I have covered a great number of bases, such that tomorrow I shall resume the work in earnest. We are very fortunate to have been given more wiggle room with the publisher, but it isn’t a grace that we should waste. I’m going to make hay while the sun doesn’t shine. That was not a typo. [And then my dictation mechanism broke for two hours until S. just stood next to me and it magically fixed itself.] that is really odd it’s been the entire time when you have been in plot ease of magic shower came out didn’t work and all you did was just stand near me for a second how is that possible I really truly don’t get it . Yep it’s still working that is really really strange OK. Can you hear me? yes I can. That’s amazing. You fixed yourself and I’m very happy about that because I have a lot to do and a lot to say and I’ve got to get moving into my day I made a BLAT salad and it was pretty delicious I had that kind of headache I get before a big snowfalls kind of a sick attic with chills I took my temperature and I don’t have a fever so I’m not going to worry about that aspect the gods forbid. Oh it is nice just to sit here and talk and watched the typing happen. The council that had to drop out I wrote to them to say yeah but maybe we should get some moolah back and I used all first names and I get this email back referring to Mr thison attorney that all in capital letters so they offered a compromise which will definitely take I mean can’t get blood from a stone right anyway it’s very weird because farmer fuc face hasn’t been around and fable was very dark on the Hill last night so maybe he got taken away by elves one can only hope I am going to forge through this whole shenanigan today and I am going to add the requisite number of pages to the chapter I’m currently stalled in and I’d like to a little bit more than that we’ll see what happens I’m not going to press my luck anyway there’s more to read belloso enjoy yourselves duckies. 

The following blocks of text are exceprts from my first year of  Blagues, nos. 1291-1295. I am reading through all of my Blagues, five per day, and posting some samples here. Now, in my sixth year of writing this Blague, by the time I get to my seventh, I will have journeyed through all the daily Blagues of my first five years. If that’s confusing I apologize. Year seven, I’ll only have to read through year six, once a day.

The party last night was pretty fantasic. We spent the morning doing our own thing and met J at Elizabeth Gage, a designer showroom slash shop we’ve been gagging to see. I had half a full E (and by that I mean English breakfast not drugzz); then I decided to walk through Mayfair and Green Park, taking my life in my hands to cross that road (highway basically, I’m sure it is the A something or other)—Grovesnor whatever—crossing into Belgravia, around the square, where S + J were already mulling. My insecurity kept making me feel like people were looking at me like we were rough.

Mulling over thoughts on the Leo for the show: Lion King and Sun King. Providing warmth and protection to others while engaging them, employing them. Being HQ. Giving others life. Peforming mricacles. Buidling a dynasty. A sense of permanence. The local hero. The sign of Picaresque heroes and personal gods like Hestia, to whom all hearths were sacred and Artemis, goddess of the hunt, lioness amongst women said Homer who was the most widely worshipped of all the gods, her cult, at the last solely rivalring Christianity. We all must be local heroes of sorts.

Passions, passtimes, moments of Pleasure right and then opposite Aquarius is Joy. But Leo’s pleasures aren’t bad. They are the simple joys. Again hobbies and the like. But also love affairs by the fire. Personal loves. Building family, entourage. Work or creative teams where you bring people along. Redford and Sundance. Rowling and the Wizarding World. Napoleon, Castro, Mussolini, Martha Stewart. Being king of your own castle. Creating your circle of influence. Self-appointed Stardom. Fire offers protection. Sway. Arthur creating something noble. Helios (Heloise). Hero gods. Prometheus? Forethought. A hero. A champion—of mankind. Prometheus freed by Heracles, another hero associated with this sign. It is about wanting to improve humanity, to enoble it.

Wow this food poisoning or whatever this thing is really no joke.Anyway woke up this morning to torrential sleet and sideways winds. Headed over to Blue Bottle for a coffee and I ended up having a green tea and a ham and cheese on baguette. What the hell is wrong with me?

Getting things down about Libra: Apollo presides over. He is perhaps the first president; a god for Athens, a god for democracy who as befits the Scales designation as the only abstract sign in the zodiac, presides over all abstracts as the god, too, of order, reason, law, music, poetry, prophecy. He is an oracular god and an orator, as was his son Linus (was Charles Shulz of Peanuts fame conscious of this?). His great Pumpkin storyline runs along the theme of Great Expectations, which are Libra’s superpower, the shadow side of the sign being Disappointment. The others of the sign can be Hell.

Apollo can kill with his words. Libra the scales is the swift sword of Justice. Lofty guy. Stuck up maybe. Sting. Abrstract: order reason music seven notes to scale etc 24-29 Prime like Jean Brodie one is primed for veneration. If Cancer is coming of age, Libra is coming into oneself. 7th house of others–all of you—in one on one relationship—the sign’s motto is we are. The Candidate. Apollo perfect candidate to succeed Zeus but he is rejected. He chases Daphne but he is rejected. Prime: On the road to importance.

Snapshot of Jesus as the orator, the statesmen, the pundit for peace, at the podium, pulpit, pedestal. Gaining popularity. To enlighten others. To equalize. The god in the white hat, and yet not a cozy figure. Because he’s an abstraction. He’s an idea.

Fun Fact: we’ve chosen 12 songs by artsts of each of the twelve signs to punctuate the point

At this point in the story Jesus is in his pulpit. Lucifer, the light bringer, Luc and Leia, both Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher are Libras. Cardinal air translates to light. The symbol of Libra, yes is the scales but it is also a sunset captured at mid sink below the horizon, equality and equipoise. Reaching out holding hands. Libra wants to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony. And it wants to help the disenfranchised of Virgo to rise to equal status, equi-librium, blanace. Fairness. Full Exposure. The Light of Day. Light is the best antiseptic

Libra really is about fairness. Things being even. The start of Libra is the Equinox, light being even. 42-49 the descendent in age however. I am a we. We are no longer wrking it out. we are erecting pillars of personal principle into place. The edification. Erecting our designs for living. Seeking balance and harmony. The shadow side was be being overly judgmental, hypocrisy, great expecations to disappointment

Still feeling rather iffy. Had a super creative talk about the biz this morning over coffee; and realizing how possible everything is when people spiritually invest in you. It truly is a wonderful thing. Went for a nice long walk in Wellfleet. Wanted to get some notes down on the intro…

More thoughts on Scorpio: 49-56 All that Libra light casts a dark and mysterious shadow a/k/a the sign of Scorpio. Fixed water ice crystals. Concentrated. Distilled down to the Microscopic, atomic, sub particular Unseen mysterious building block level of everything, the True Essence is it infinitely fathomless? Ruled by Pluto named the god of the Underworld, with his cloak of invisibility. The Underworld is also a metaphor for our own subconscious. The 8th house rules sleep, death, sex, all of which fall under the heading of regeneration. Pluto’s energy is eliptical like the phoenix forever rising from the ashes. What is seething below the surface. What subtext, scandal, seduction, subterfuge? Betrayal. Yes, here in the Jesus story there are whispers in the shadows; and the general atmosphere is becoming sick with secrets and the alienation

We have. Merger becoming a third entity. Surely on some sub particular level we are already merged. Scorpio is a human microscope seeing through artifice in search of truest nature. We Have (a secret) we are only as sick as them.

Mulling over Sagittarius for the show. Mutable-Fire lightning. The biggest Planet Jupiter named for the lightning god, the chief god. Large and In charge. More more more. 56-63 Height of powers. Life is a banquet. But it all too esily can become a bacchanale. Jupiter power of expansion; shadow side is being out of control. Dionysus, the pineal gland. He is the son inheritor, the would be successor of Zeus

And of course we have the banquet scene in the Jesus story, the last supper, where he is taking a page from Dionysus’s book. Transubstantiation, turning wine into blood and bread into flesh. That’s what the Dionysian rites were all about.

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