Sagittarius 24° (December 16)

So I’m full on using the dictate function and it isn’t always terribly accurate which is fine because I think it makes for funny reading when the words get messed up or mashed together. We spent last evening listening to asna vore and found this great Liza minelli Charles aznavur recording from 1991 and you can always tell from the way she sings cabaret if she inserts the word not before going like else that she’s in a sober phase which she obviously was and looked pretty much the same as she did in 1970. Dinner was a fun veg plate of hummus and rice and bok choy and of Ocado and sweet potatoes and that was really yummy. As I think I mentioned yesterday it’s been very dark on the Hill and I haven’t seen hide nor hair of signor ******* so I don’t know I keep fantasizing about things I shouldn’t but I did end up sending that note to the new council and the screenshot that Tony sent me I no if you’re reading this you’ll have no idea what I’m talking about but that’s kind of what this year is all about as I am fischli now writing a book officially not fischli whatever officially means I know it officially means I said whatever officially means never mind. I don’t know why I feel strangely optimistic today after so many dark ones and I have this sick headache that comes from impending snowfall pop I don’t know I think it’s just a matter of feeling on the right side of things knowing that if you are in the right and you’re comporting yourself honestly that really nothing can go awry knock wood. We started the day well I started the day catching up on the Bee Gees documentary which is quite good I relate to Barry Gibb being the sole survivor God knows if I even have a sibling anymore specially in this pandemic but given our history I just can’t risk ever opening that door again. I suffered so much growing up because of that non relationship that I’ve just never will put that I’ll never put myself through that again if you take my meaning. We have our Christmas lights , the tree is up and probably will stay up for most of January I’m going to really focus on getting us fit as I can during the month so I could head any bad diagnosis for lack of a better word off of the pass. I quite enjoyed pennyworth first season it’s very slick and kind of sexy and the girl that plays love interest is the same actress who portrayed Diana in the Crown this season so that was interesting but mainly the main actor who plays Alfred it’s just really fun and enjoyable to watch being the long tall drink of water he is and yeah other than that just trying to move things along here not get to way late I know momentum will be on my side once I really start working those things and so yeah that’s the plan. 

The following blocks of text are exceprts from my first year of  Blagues, nos. 1296-1300. I am reading through all of my Blagues, five per day, and posting some samples here. Now, in my sixth year of writing this Blague, by the time I get to my seventh, I will have journeyed through all the daily Blagues of my first five years. If that’s confusing I apologize. Year seven, I’ll only have to read through year six, once a day.

Capricorn is really all about atonement. I use I don’t waste I save! In every sense of the word. At winter solstice a goat, the scape goat, was loaded with baggage representing sin and sent forth from the village. Capricorn people know about being Scapegoated…

Arrestation. What do you do with the power you amass. Containment. Incarceration. Penance. Resource. Convention. Faith awaitng Fate. Saturn, the dpeosed king whom Jupiter usurped. The golden age, the past paradise lost. Tradition that which must be preserved, like strawberries, put up, stored, vs. what to put out to pasture if not imprison or otherwise contain. The energy of renunciation. Jesus is ultimately arrested. Preservation. Renunciation. Resource. Refinement. Retirement. retreat. Reprieve. Retribution. On a pilgrimage, taking up ones begging bowl, if not the. Heirophant coming up against Church. If things are Church they are established. They are law. Sanctuary and Imprisonment.

Saturn deposed king whom Jupiter put down. He ruled the golden-age, a utopia, pointing to traditions that must be preserved. Cap people know what it’s like tobear the mountainous weight of the world upon them but the upshot is the reprieve that provides. Capricorn is all about Faith and Forgiveness. On the flipside they…hold grudges?

Jury duty today and I decided to do it up. Got a lot of writing done. The judge came out and lectured a bit about having a bad attitude about doing this—I kept thinking he read my “questionaire” where I was a bit cranky. Oh, well. Duty served and speech free. Trum has no idea that he’s in Paradise (lost) California. Anyway I got a lot of writing in the two and one half hours there. I flash back to Carmel and to having a lovely luncheon; it was the same day I had a massive headache and I had to borrow an aspirin from a gallery owner who was very nice. This was our most recent trip I think. I’d just bought my Comme jacket with the red lining and sweat profusely in it walking to park and museum and back again; but it was fine; since I’ve been in torrential rain in it and the fabric never seems to get wet, or it immediately dries. (ha, ha: looks like Dries) Anyway…

Some notes on Aquarius:

Uranus is radical energy in creates new orders, new universes of experience, pointing at the veils of other dimensions. Aquarian people are the XMen of the Zodiac. The Greek cupbearer goddess is Hebe, meaning Youth, thus renewal, and Zeus’ boytoy Ganymede meaning to rejoice. Aquarius is the dipsensation of Joy and Renewal. Leo provides the warmth, gives life, to all she does. Aquarius is a distant star fixed air. Immutable Facts. Joy. Aquarian people go from Joy to Despair and back again.

John the Baptist, whose own demise forshadowed Jesuses. Fixed air. Conviction. Dying for them. A star, not the newly born burst of Aries The obvious link to the song is about being forsaken, out on a limb or in this case a cross, alone. Fixed air, the Star. Not the supernova birth of a star that Aries; but a dead and distant beacon calling across the expanse of time and space. Ruled by Uranus, named for the god of the Universe, the energy is radical divurgent, eccentric “out there”—looking for some connective tissue here and it’s not forthcoming—Aquarian people know what it’s like to be a lone voice in the wilderness, how one might describe wild man John the Baptist who stuck his neck out and whose demise forshadowed Jesuses. Declared a radical, revelation, a turn around. The future is multi-dimensional, like Jack Jack. New Utopias.

if not deviant unexpected, sweeping, revolutionary, revelationary. And evolutionary. It is the quirk the eccentricity the mutation from the norm, now, which becomes the mainstay of the future. It is the darkest dark and the dawn itself. The eleventh hour, the elventh sign and house which rules progress, technology, innovation, In the Jesus story things are about to change. He knows he is reaching the end and pleads his feelings of forsakeness

I was just rooting around Sextrology world and realized I could use new pictures on the pages pertaining to that tome. Maybe some fun old shots, and then we can spice with some new ones. I also have to now start collecting everything Glow Festival into one place as that will be one of my holiday projects. I woke up to a nose out of joint email from JLB. As an oversensitive person myself I’m naturally empathetic when someone feels hurt; of course I didn’t do anything wrong but I sort of got some stuff thrown at me; again, which is fine. I don’t want to be the cause of anyone’s upset. Ever. I make it a point not to be. You know in this business I’ve had to become a helluva lot better (at everything in general) otherwise I’m a hypocrite doing what I do. I have my moments, still, of course; those of which I’m not proud. It always comes down to intentions. I surely didn’t want to make anyone feel “a way.”…

Some thoughts on the Pisces:

Oh man this is always the hardest bit. The Pisces.

This should be a different kind of Thanksgiving. We will eat in a restaurant which I’m all for. We will overspend but it will be worth it. We don’t actually host these holidays but we always end up doing the lion share of the work while others either don’t help at all or become so overwhelmed by the prospect of cooking a bird or making a gravy that they have to take to their sick beds. I exaggerate (sorta). It really is terribly silly. Anyway we went to this sort of pricey suburban “industrial style” restaurant called the Bankcroft which is across from the residences where folks from the Little Women remake are staying. Coincidentally conversation turned to fact that the film’s director is staying in one of the houses in Corcord that the parents of a classmate of G.’s owns Emma Watson is on that film and you know we love us some Emma Watson. One of the associate producers at A.R.T. I’ve been working with for four years on our Afterglow at Oberon series is called Emma Watts. Not for nothing—as people used to say in the eighties in NYC. I had a steak not turkey and a chocolaty dessert. I unfortunately revisited the clam dip with Fritos I had sampled at the house prior to Thanksgiving lunch again upon returning. That has been the gift that keeps on giving. And of course wine and pumpkin pie and coffee. With all that it still is bread that is the true debunker of my dietary prowess. Sometimes it’s not the what it’s all about dazzling them with the how.

Or at least that’s what I’d like to tell myself. I should like to be thankful this year for the great Gift I believe is coming my way and for the ability to make some upgrades to lifestyle while working really hard to make the Project work with some back up irons on the fire for extra support. We worked out our rehearsal plan and now I have to get on the promotion. But, to be fair, I’m still working out some kinks on the script and these things can’r really be rushed, capisce. I’m just going to give over to the haze of these days because I can’t think of any better way of negotiating them. I am silently sneaking in. I will put out about ten asks for festival in January and then again in February and then I’ll get contracts in and booked. This way I can get all the graphics up and running. I’m not sure what my color scheme will be this year but I’m hoping maybe we can revisit navy and do like a navy greige red kind of 18th century seabattle painting sort of release as color story. The return of the revolutionary war. Art is a Revolutionary War. Something like that. I must be the best ambassador for all that sort of thing which again: Reduction.

Our first house was build in 1805 and I’m kind of fixated on that year. I don’t know why. It’s the Battle of Trafalgar, the end of the use of the French (Julian) calendar. And the year Lewis and Clark get to where they want to go. I think about what might have been going on here. What magic the world still had left to reveal and what unfolding of story might occur in the wonder of all these thoughts. Turkeys in Harvard Square.

I think what I’m most excited for is the curated aspect of it all. I am so looking forward to having a shop, but in the meantime enjoying elements of that being put into place by way of decor, design of the Boston salon. In this vision I’m seeing two floors of a brownstone and getting buzzed in. I would love my own freestanding house but that won’t be terribly affordable. It’s all about having the scaleable business; and I have a number of ideas on that score in any case. It involves taking stock of rare and out of print books on the subjects that we explore. An alchemist shop of sort. Bringing back the notion of crystals. Also we could be doing something with herbs? These things can be represented in small ways. None of this should actually happen but for in the most subltlest of ways. Have to go to the gift show and to partner on projects with other artisans out there. I think that will be the brilliance of it all—what partnerships we can enter into that are lucrative but unconstraining. I will get through this week and then reconvene with both the Tims.

It’s probably a good time to create another timeline of sorts. There are elements of business that seriously need to happen in the short term; and those which will happen closer to spring. The aesthetics of things need to be worked out; and I’m going to actually defer much of this to La S because she really should lead in this arena while I work on the creative work of the business itself and how many inroads can be made from the purely creative entrepreneurial side of things. I feel it’s time that I know what I want. Anyway it’s already (already) happening. And I don’t know why, when I’m this close, I feel such a divide between the present reality and the one I’m so soon to be living. It is strange how this success stuff works. I don’t think any amount of money, for instance, can really change one’s standing nor one’s sense of abundance. If anything I am strangely fearful and that is the one thing I cannot afford. So I have to immediately redirect that energy and to funnel it into specific big hit items. Plus immediately diversifying such that moolah is made all other ways. That to me would be supremely important.

More than anything it is about hiring the best team right out of the gate. I’m not convinced that R+R wouldn’t be the perfect people to partner with on projects; we do not have to take them on as employees, but as consultants who can help with merchandising and promotion and production even. I have a good instinct about this I feel. And that should really be what I focus on: The big picture. Though I dare say that today, just thinking about it, I feel exhausted. I shouldn’t. I should be able to soldier on, through; but I have been having these energy dips of late and I have been sleeping like a crazy person, pretty much able to always fall back, which I haven’t really been able to do for years. Hey I’m not questioning it.

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