Scorpio 25° (November 17)

I thought yesterday was bad. Today was much worse. It created a junkyard fortress outside behind his truck and trailer which he parked just next to our car. It blasted music from the garage and banged metal objects together and invited a string of people over to whom he complained about and slandered us one after another. It was all a trap. We had to go to Provincetown and he aggressed us. I won’t go into details but we called the police which we should have done as well back in August. I feel somehow better though I can’t say why. I spent the afternoon writing up the incident. I had some follow up questions for the police. I made my peace with a writing schedule that I will surely keep and I will work solidly on the projects at hand on any given day. We learned that FF has filed something with the court but that should be deemed bogus. We might end up meeting a real-life sheriff this week which is fine. I will ask if we can record him for posterity and also make it clear where we stand in in financial relationship. All the while I made a delicious clam chowder and we decided to crack some vino and watch the final two episodes of The Crown, the storylines of which that involve the Diana character I find boring.

The following blocks of text are exceprts from my first year of  Blagues, nos. 1151-1155 I am reading through all of my Blagues, five per day, and posting some samples here. Now, in my sixth year of writing this Blague, by the time I get to my seventh, I will have journeyed through all the daily Blagues of my first five years. If that’s confusing I apologize. Year seven, I’ll only have to read through year six, once a day.

Gemini is forever striking some kind of bargain or another, internally negotiating opposing forces (along the proverbial right vs. wrong dichotomy), and outwardly navigating his wants against that which he supposes others want of him, exacting his next move, the next deal, to further his direction. His can be a tricky head to be in; and yet there is very little the Gemini doesn’t do mindfully, being less prone than most to unconscious motivations, compulsions, and the like. He likes to keep others guessing for as long as he can, which can make him appear indecisive or confused, when in fact he is sowing confusion, creating distractions, to better move along his own agendas.

Gemini man is self-aware, if to a fault, purposely putting on dazzle and otherwise creating excitement aimed at keeping spirits bright, especially his own—even if knowingly faking it. He is the personification of the adage: Fake it till you make it. For him it’s all about his field of experience, and what buzz he can create within it. Immediacy is his watchword. Ruled by Mercury, the eternally youthful, quicksilver god who can be here or there in an instant, the sign of Twins is hinged on both the instantaneous and the intimate, the immediacy of time and space, respectively. He is focused on the here and now, needing to be engaged by interatction, physical activities or conversation, and surrounded by a close circle of cronies who personify as emanations of his own will. He thus attracts those who tend to lack a will or direction of their own. The fairytale Mercury, Peter Pan, whom we’ve long associated with the sign, amasses his tribe of lost boys seeking solace and guidance. And Gemini runs on the steam of such tribalism, if not mob mentality, like that other fellow in green tights, Robin Hood, operating in secret, employing the element of surprise, being rather thuggish, even, in lofty enterprises.

Gemini may be the least naturally instrospective of characters, and must work harder than most in the understanding of an inner life. Even the work of the great Gemini poet Walt Whitman (his name being something of an aptronym in that Gemini man lives most by his wits) is an exploration of what he sees, feels, senses right in front of him, a celebration of what is right under his feet, the street-level of existence. Likewise, Geminiman is occupied with the most urgent to-dos and shiniest objects currently before his own eyes, cutting a path through life like an arful dodger snaking his way through a crowded avenue, reveling in covert action and certain lendergemain. He is a celebrator or experiential self, an operator and a manipulator. That word has its negative connotations of course, but it also speaks to Gemini’s premier superpower—that of positive thinking—which is the highest form of manipulation in that it suggests that experience itself is malleable and can be directed by the determination of our thoughts.

Gemini is nervy and (he mightn’t admit it) rather fearful of the answers to life’s big questions. He loves the world of the living, gravitating toward social hubs of activities, where a vibrant demonstration of life can distract him from what is a signature underlying loneliness. He doesn’t like to feel things because he might do so too deeply for his delicate nerves. Gemini likes to keep it light and keep it moving, immersed in temporal activity; and yet he is more prone to most to subscribe to an eternal element of self—let’s call it soul. He takes from various religions and philosophies that which they all share, tending not to fully subscribe to any one path (though he may feign to do so). In love he is the most monagamist and philandering of fellows, forgiving what he might label human frailty, particularly in himself. He doesn’t linger on thoughts or doubts that might undo him—there is always something more cheering to alight on. A nod to his airborn archetype, the winged capped and footed Mercury, Gemini likewise wings his way through life, too impatient for most processes of preparation. As a rule he doesn’t aspire to higher achievement or higher thought—rather he seeks to reap fullest benefit for doing what comes easily to him, which tends to fall under the larger heading of processing and proliferating his own personal observances, typically in brief form.

Gemini man is the master of the three-minute pop song, the elevator pitch, snappy patter, killer slogan or pithy pun. He is ephemera incarnate, living life to its fullest, like a mayfly on limited liberty. Truly owning the fact that we live on borrowed time, Gemini doesn’t become mired in guilt, doubt or regret. Each next moment provides a new opportunity to rewrite the proverbial headline. Being mercenary comes with his Mercury rule, such that being money-grubbing is just one of the ways he gets all he can from life. Lucrative deals are just human interaction with material pay off; another form of whistling in the graveyard and challenging the notion that you can’t take it with you.

Gemin Woman

She is the cosmic switchboard operator—like opera, plural of opus, meaning: Work! Gemini woman is plugged in and connected every which way. While also, a nod to the duality inherent in her sign, she is the consumate connector, a role she doesn’t always wish to play. She is all too aware, or should be, that she can be a faciliatator, a conduit, to others’ successes, via her own. The larger part of her superpower includes making amazing matches, partnerhips; let’s call it mutuality—equal, shared effort toward that “work,” a.k.a. the happenstance of a successful life. Gemini doesn’t shy away or try to transcend from very certain desired trappings of living, most unapologetically, a material existence. Neither is she greedy, as a rule; striking the perfect balance, more often than most, of leading a constitently “set up” life, with plenty of perks and passions, without all that pesky, excess avarice.

Enough being enough for Gemini speaks volumes on the fact that, despite being a “mutable” sign”, she doesn’t like change. She is a homebody at heart and would rather play the puppet master, even, on a global scale from the privacy of her fuzzy slippers. She is the original tough cookie, promising such sweetness. Sometimes taking the dubious wrap for being flighty, but only, most people don’t realize, when it suits her. Tinker Bell to Gemini man’s Peter Pan, she is no doubt dual herself. Saccharine when it suits her, like Tink to Pete, but in the turn of a head her devilish nature may emerge. The symbol of Gemini’s ruler Mercury’s might suggest a winged cap or horns, as she, the English Rose of the Zodiac, can indeed be thorny. Drawing on the archetype of Mercury’s counterpart, the winged Eris, goddess of discord, hell hath no fury like a Gemini scorned. You simply, silently, no longer exist. Tink, the cartoon Eris, operates solely on nerves, and is easily rundown, needing utmost care and concern from others. So too does Gemini who gives, gives, gives, till it’s totally gone.

Gemini woman is one person in the Zodiac you’d want to have your back. She’s a tough and protective Tinker Bell, a fixer of ailing or broken utility, aimed at mending flailing situations and relationships and problem-solving in general. She is the proverbial mother hen on whom others come to rely, and behind whom we must all fall in line. She is best in all astrology at covering the basics, and all the bases there in, making sure the mechanics of her daily life function smoothly, if not too repetitively, such that it becomes a grind. She can get lost in so-called causes, if not invented drama, which, when pressed, she may admit she cares little about. The doing of things—that’s why she’s great at busy work—can sometimes divert and dissapate energy that might go toward more long-term thinking, achievement or success. She needs reminding of the fact. There is ease and safety, though, sometimes, in making molehills from minutuae. Not to say she purposefully feigns being overworked ao to cut herself slack in her daily schedule. It’s just that perfecting the daily ops of living affords the Gemini you the expertise and status to do so, increasingly, by remote control. To her mind, that is what success looks like.

For the Gemini connector, reward takes the form of unplugging, doing less while being more. Ultimately it’s the Gemini influencer’s word, her endorsement, her bugs in people’s ears, that become a prized gift in itself. (Her ruler Mercury, the messenger god, personifies the word, Logos.) Touting your name, or lending her name, or face to a project or enterprise—all is currency. In the global world of advertising most of the famous faces you see launching a thousand beauty products or perfumes are Gemini women. (Featured in the same myth as Eris, instigator of the Trogan war, is Helen, who hatched from an egg, yet another fine feathered Gemini archetype.) Meanwhile, all Gemini women possess an infamous power to make or break those around her—the face most often empowered to launch a thousand careers, deals and contracts. Even Tinker Bell is Disney’s brand ambassador. And, likewise, as tiny as it might appear, Gemini woman possesses the power to sprinkle fairy dust over situations or be something of a stinging gladfly chasing away would-be opportunity. All depending on what she’s getting out of the deal. She desires no more than simple reciprocation, no matter the commodity, be it love or money or any means of exchange.

Cancer Man

The Moonchild is the most self-protective of men, which allows him to live life more safely on a purely emotional level. And vice versa: He needs strong defenses because he seeks to leave himself open as such. Despite a seeming insouciance—that Crab shell—he is the most sensitive of fellows and can easily be crushed by chaotic feelings. (Not to kick off on so morbid a note, but some of the most famous “French exits” from this life have been made by Cancerians—notably Ernest Hemingway, Robin Williams, Freddie Prinze, Ian Curtis, Anthony Bourdain, Chris Cornell, Hunter S. Thompson, George Eastman, Tony Scott, and too many others.) On a far cheerier note, the intense level of sensitivty with which Cancer is endowed can make him the most caring of chaps. And it will necessitate his being the most trusting, using his superpower intuition to invest in the right people places and things.

The crab will keep his emotions locked up until he establishes a safe means for their expression—in relationships, environment and chosen vocation. It may come as no surprise that irony is also one of Cancer’s superpowers, the ability to get across his point of view, often a sharp and searing one, in a softened, even satirical way. These little jabs, whether directed in his creative work or conversation (typically both), serve as an escape valve for what might otherwise be a deluge of feelings, despair included, he otherwise purposefully keeps pent up. He will protect himself to the death from pain and suffering, needing to learn that the former is inevitable, and the latter, a choice. Meanwhile he does what he can to mitigate all difficulty in his life for the paradoxical reason that he sees life as inherently difficult enough. The Cancerian life experience is all about passage, recovery, promise and deliverance, and men of the sign are predisposed to believing they are born into a journey aimed at landing them on a more hospitable shore than from whence they orginated. Like many marined creatures, birth is immediately followed by a race not just for survival but certain thrivation.

Cancer man lives in a private word, both real and imaginary, avoiding conflict or often anything more than vague interaction unless he sees promise in it. In the literal sense, he prefers solo work, which he can hopefully perform, set apart, ebbing and flowing to his own rhythm; and, figuratively, too, he must let his mind drift to imaginings of would-be scenarios he might ultimately realize. He will of course allow others to form a team to back his efforts. He appears the personification of hope, promise and ease and this is what attracts others to him both professionally and in his private life. He seems (the operative word) so completely unneedy, in contrast to his female Cancer counterpart; as if requiring nothing more than a little support and cultivation to draw him out. Meanwhile, he accesses others’ sensitivity, appealing to their feelings as well as their funny bones, sensitivity and humor being hallmarks of his charm. One feels safe in the company of the Cancerian, that on this journey through life, he is happy to be a designated driver. Not so unassuming, truth is he is one of the more deliberate and calculated characters on the astrological block, though rarely in any insidious sort of way. He simply believes in the fulfillment of his potential and he will subtly get his hooks into situations and those whom he considers to play a part in the unfolding of his destiny.

En route, Cancer man keeps it simple and his head down, quietly powering through. He is entirely pleasant, as a rule, across the board, to friends and acquaintances alike. In fact there seems little difference, often, between the amount of interest or affection he appears to invest in any case. He is practiced in his social repartée, often retelling stories, year on year, losing track of who may or may not heard his anecdotes before. He isn’t very present minded, something he must work on; a result perhaps of being cosmically engineered to look, with hope, toward the future. This may result in anxiety; and he must work to find comfort in uncertainty. He is surely one of the existentialists of the Zodiac, not given to opiates of religion or set belief systems. He might intellectually perceive an ordered universe, but his gut tells him that the bulk of being is random, chaos.

Cancer Woman

Cancer woman is the embodiment of longing, the true nature of which provides insight into her personality. Try to think of longing as emotional outreach, an active and useful mechanism for scanning and searching life, the universe, all experience, for that which one has true feeling. In this way, Cancer woman is perpetually taking emotional action. She invented the term: putting out feelers. And we feel her, don’t we: Cancer women on the whole are not subtle creatures who hide their needs, indeed, their demands. Think of her symbol crab. She flows with the current, which is to say the present, which does sometimes require being what to others can appear to be clingy. The fact is she must establish fixed experiences—occupations, living environements and relationships—for herself to counterbalance what might otherwise feel like a life of being swept up in said moment. Indeed, certain fixtures allow the Cancer to be fully accessible, circumstantially, and emotionally available. Accessing feeling is indeed a hallmark of the Cancerian female experience, most poignantly expressed by the exceedingly emotive brand of actresses born under the sign.

We cite Cinderella as a Cancerian archetype, a figure characterized by longing. Longing is a Cancer woman superpower. Though it goes unseen, this emotionally loaded action may or may not send signals to a harkening universe—though we would assert it does—but there is a strong argument that, in pinpointing that for which the Cancer might might pine, she delineates certain desire and direction to take in life. And who is to say that, being one with this longing, that the Cancer woman isn’t vibrating with needful intention, attracting desired situations, if not destiny, to her. For us, she seems the personification of the notion that hope, another Cancerian superpower, is only partly something we, as people, feel, but that there is an energetic or divine element to it whereby the universe offers it up. Cancer woman seems to have singular insight into the notion that what she feels (she needs) is one and the same with what the cosmos is prepared to provide her. Providence, promise, deliverance, all being Cancer watchwords. And so her infamous capacity for expression is thereby her part of the bargain in bringing about her own fulfillment. She will let life do the rest. The cardinal-water sign, she is like

a fountain, spring or the source of a mighty river, rolling out her feelings. It can thus be difficult for her to turn off the waterworks, and impossible for anyone to do it for her.

The secret ingredient for Cancer is time. The oyster cannot create a pearl without the ebbing and flowing tides that fall under Cancer’s ruler Moon. That tiny orb made in the Moon’s own image, is a symbol of a certain kind of wisdom of the untuitive kind. Flood myths, hinged on recovery and deliverance, hope and promise (the ark) are associated with this sign; in the classic flood myth it is the Titan goddess Themis who appears to Decaulian (the Greek Noah) and his wife Pyrra who, like two peas in a pod, make it to the proverbial other shore, the sole survivors. Themis means, and is the personification of divine law and order; literally “that which is put in place”; and Cancer woman naturally draws on this archetype letting nature/the universe help put into place that which she longs (and, thus, hopefully, works) for, while using her outsized intuition, another superpower, as a gut-level guide. She subscribes to the inclusion of a mystic element in life; and mysticism, by definition, is wisdom that is inaccessible to the intellect and only gained through intuition. So feeling all her feels, which can be overwhelming to her and others, in time provides her with intuitive insight opening onto a brand of wisdom of the highest emotional faculty. That is to say that Cinderella (who brought that prince and palace to her) ultimately becomes the fairy godmother, the wise Titaness, Themis. She is the goddess of customs, traditions, mores (all attributes of the astrological fourth house of Cancer!), the human, earthly manifestation of said order, and our part of the bargain in maintaining it. As such Cancerian women, unlike their male counterparts, will subscribe more readily to traditional religious and social practices.

Themis can also see the future, which is why she is one of the oracular deities to preside over the oracle at Delphi. Cancer woman too provides herself such insight. Her signature longing morphs, in time, into self-assurance, so long as she maintains a steady course toward the objects of it. Happily, the Cancerian isn’t result orientated, and is thus increasingly self-assured by the order she perceives emerging from the (both internal and trademark external) chaos of her early life.

Leo Man

Leo man is best at playing the game of life, one, he is certain, is not one of chance but fierce self-determination. (Ironically he loves to gamble but that’s another story.) He is authority, license and free will incarnate. That said, and as extremely creative and productive as he can be, Leo takes a leisurely approach to living. Fun, play, for him is front-loaded, and he believes that success and fulfillment can be far more easily and naturally had than the rest of us do. He holds that thought. And, while giving his all, he is never one to overdo it. Excess ambition, or the slightest pushiness in the process, are anathema to him, and he finds it vulgar in others. That goes for at work, in his social life, and even in familial relationships. Of all the men in the Zodiac, Leo feels he has the least to prove. Nor is he super demonstrative in his approval of others achievements either.

His is a world unto his own. Leo sticks to a particularly small circle, even if it be a superpowered social circuit, around which he makes the requisite rounds of dates for sports, meals and leisure activites with friends; he is purposefully guarded and unshowy, allergic to attention getters he deems phony or puffed up—and yes, there is irony here, as he does like all eyes on him, holding court as he does within said close circles. This to him is apples and oranges; and he doesn’t see said irony that his so-called reserve stems from the fact he believes all eyes are on him, as they would be any divinely righteous monarch of a man. He sees himself as spreading ingenuous warmth, perhaps not realizing that it is indeed a part of the game; he will invest this much favor and affection, but he’s on the lookout for signs in others of genuine deference would-be fealty. He will say he is drawn to (what he perceives to be) goodness and guilelessness in others. And, indeed, authenticity is one of his superpowers—and prides himself on being uanabashedly, if not overbearingly real himself; which can be at turns enviable and annoying to we, the people. He values his own opinion most highly, and like some other fixed signs, he experiences them as fact. Entitlement is a paradoxical theme that Leo man embodies.

In Sextrology, the Leo Man chapter is The Natural. Whether individually or culturally, he is drawn to those who seem likewise. Leo, himself, is wont to go native, being astrologically designed, like his totem Lion, to easefully roam life’s great expanses. And, yes, he is drawn to people, places and things with a primal throb. Like its ruler, the central Sun, the heart-center of the body is governed by the sign of Leo. The beating of the heart is the rhythm of life; and besides boasting many drummers among its number, the sign of Leo breeds men who live life at its own pace or, at least, they believe that they do. For, the zodiac’s king might naturally confuse his own will with that of the divine. The fifth astrological house of Leo is that of “co-creation with god;” so back to that pardoxical entitlement theme: Leo mainly finds it his duty to be as good a sun king as he can; to embody the best of what man can be, and thus not exploit is godlike designation, but to be a positive life-force for others, creator as well as creature, a positive life force that, to use the vernacular, gives us life. The shadow side of the king, of course, is the tyrant and anyone acquainted with a Leo man has probably seen it creep in.

Being one so cosmically endowed with nobility, Leo man will take personally every lousy move made by others. Even in circumstances that have naught to do with him, if you cross his well-drawn moral boundaries, you will make a direct insult to his majesty. He is all or nothing on that score. And when you’ve been cast out of the realm of his kinship, you typically remain so. He is one of the Zodiac’s greatest grudge holders. And it will take major recompense to enter back into his good graces, which may never happen. He is the golden boy in his youth, the wholesome Picaresque hero around which everything revolves, a typically athetic class clown who charms others with a disarming Tom Sawyer panache, he can nonetheless be emotionally distant and will be hostile to other males he considers sneaky or conniving. He is Archie and always has a rival Reggie on whom to heap his disapproval. As he matures, his world tends to get smaller, not bigger, his fan base limited to family and a handful of friends. He can be nostalgic, lost in his proverbial glory days; and must take pains to focus on the future, the uncertainty of which he’s not so naturally down with. Many twentysomething wunderkinds fall under the sign of Leo; and they risk equating inevitable aging with the weakening of their powers. Archetypally, this is the sign of young King David and King Arthur whose greatest successes come at an early age. So Leo must fight not to see himself as over the hill at thirty-five; and to consciously and constantly reinvent himself, his greatest challenge.

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