Virgo 17° (September 9)


Got a haircut yesterday. My barber is the best and well into his eighties. I may have spoken of him before as he peoples my world. It’s a very odd place but I love it and he does the best cut and I tip him like no joke 45% and still it only costs me $25 per cut. The only draw back is he takes his sweet time and the place can be jammed—he’s open from 7:30 to 11 am. But guys get there at 7 as they’d rather wait in their car before he opens then in the shop for triple the amount once he does. I always bring blank notebooks and make lists of things I have to do. Yesterday’s experience, where I didn’t actually have so long to wait, nonetheless gave me the opportunity to really get a comprehensive handle on all what’s happening:

I need to add a third element for the Brian King package, and get that whole tour concept cooking, immediately on the heels of this. Putting Tori Scott in touch with journalists. Starting to send out final Sparkler pleas to people near and also, now, far. Getting my book intro righting back on track. Picking up Glow passes and wine for the evening Repast at Baie. Getting the wine and sparkling water. Empowering Marthe Svenjördt, getting her in the mix. Working the Blague into a more bits direction, moving forward. Starting to read through various other parts to get working on [sic.] Contacting hotels and realtors both, just by going down a list. Finish up the tech bible and field all the questions. Get that Taja contract signed and sent. Booked ferry for Emma. Dropped off what I needed to box office. Picked up some wine. I sorted through and decided which for which event. We got the go-ahead to have sushi delivered to the theater on Tuesday, which is great. Must coordinate with Brad to pick that up.

I spent the morning divinding people along their usual lines, by category of sponsorship, and at which level I should be hitting them what category I should be hitting. When I awake tomorrow I will strike through these above bits and I’m sure, more below like: I must keep, now, going after people individually, to urge them to give on the Sparkler level! What? That’s so terrible? I went to a thrift shop and made a make-shift holder for our festival postcards which also double as the calendar. I need to wash some clothes maybe. And other banal thoughts crowd ones mind when launching something, anything; this time around for me it is different; my plan is to play it super cool and stay rested and hydrated and just get into a zone, a groove.


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