Libra 18° (October 11)


Drove to Boston this morning and it was a little tense, traffic wise. But we got to Mount Auburn with time to spare and I parked the car at the hotel and just strolled around which was fun. There is something so chill about Cambridge and it seems to me a very good option as an American home base moving forward. I went by our old apartment building and there was a sign out front for a rental, with an agent name listed. I went into the old vestibule where the mailboxes are and saw that same name listed, so the realtor lives there. Not that I would want to live in that building again but it might be someone interesting to meet slash know. I think the next several months will be very chill and telling. My focus, as I’ve been saying, is on health and well-being. I have brought myself to the brink of exhaustion and need a break.

We had a lovely meal at Cafe Sushi, whose owner, Seizi Imura, is very charming. I sat down at the sushi bar in something of however because the hostess wasn’t. She was the opposite—quite rude actually. Still it is one of my favorite sushi restaurants on the planet; and I’m happy that it will be part of my world moving forward. I really need to land; and yet I have no desire to move back to NYC (please don’t make me); I don’t really mind being a type B personality, though you may differ in my opinion that I am one. Trust, I am. I’m not really all that ambitious. It’s just too hard. But for the people I know for whom lightening struck, anyone else I’ve known who has really had a lush life are those that really didn’t have to work (really) in the first place. They may be a little less broken than me, but not happier. Probably they are more regretful.

I am not regretful in the least. I’m something different. I’m repairing. I’m putting the brakes on. I’m recovering for real now. I believe in health and vitality. I can’t do what other people do. I must go deeper to get to a truly lithe way of living. I had this incredibly vivid dream last evening. I was in this multi story house which I later learned belonged to JD. There was fabric and throws and all sorts of things strewn kind of everywhere. It was like a design workshop but there were clippings of plants, too. As if there was a gardening section to the operation—wee sprigs of different plant life for either transplanting or pressing or as botany samples or all of the above. I got a wave of sadness as I always do regarding the demise of that friendship. But really how can one feel bad about a friendship with someone who was never a true friend—but, you see, when you’re a codependent like me, you can.

There was also a space where we were all kind of lying around on pillows and rugs, very Morrocan-y; and Michael Musto and some other Type A gays were there all sort of lounging around and it felt a little bit homoerotic but, as I may have mentioned before, I’ve only ever had a sex dream regarding women, never men, which I find shocking; and then, lo and behold, who should appear in the mix, but Christina Applegate, just in the nick of heterosexual time. She was sort of flopped in with all of us, all the male bodies, but nobody was messing around with here really—nobody was really messing around with anybody other then sort of carressing each other’s stomachs of all things; and she and I were just talking about art and film and entertainment.


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