Pisces 2° (February 21)


Headed into Boston today and it was a very relaxing ride. I probably should have phoned ahead because I was very much stalled in the lobby for most of the day which felt frustrating. Finally in the room, got ready. Had a little howdee do and a beer which hit me hard. Ubered to dinner, getting to the bar early so to have some oysters, and another beer. I never drink beer. Well that’s not true. I drink it in spurts for a week or so, let’s say, twice a year. I absolutely love it but it does not like me—I think I’m basically allergic to the stuff as it gives me inflammation, I find.  Anyway I had the lobster caccio pepe and some lovely Georgian wine, so by the time I got to the show I was feeling like a rat pack show host, baby. Show was a wow and we headed back to hotel right after as we were seeing D.B. again in the morning. After that appointment, we headed slowly out through Cambridge, stopping at Central Bottle for some Le Stoppa then over to Focaccia for dinner supplies. We are going to assemble rather than cook food. We stopped to check the family cray, then headed up 93 to 89 and into picture perfect New Hampshire.

What a place. We had a few hours to ourselves to unpack and bathe and put out the spread before the others arrived. It was jolly to see them and conversation was fun.

I would like to invest in real estate and in small places. I just want to be able to transport myself places, drop in and enjoy. I don’t want large places I have to maintain. At least this is my thinking today. And anyway I have nearly two years to figure it out. A lot can happen in that time. But I have to keep my head where my feet are in the short term. I think I need to set myself up in a city and really figure out how to run a soaring business; that is my main goal. I can’t count on the promisers in the world because they know what they’re doing even less than I do. I am the person with the power here. The most amazing memory feel was from Sydney street but that was an unbelievable seventeen years ago. I was in my thirties when I barely lived there. I still can’t believe that was before the first book was written as it feels more current in my experience than any other really.

Some thoughts on the Capricorn:

Well that every sign is in reaction to the sign that precedes it. In this case the expansion energy of Jupiter ruled Sagittarius is then checked by the containing energy of Saturn ruled Capricorn. The motto is I use. That is to say I don’t waste. Saturn is the old deposed, retiree god, Capricorn is the goat horn ofplenty, container, preserver of bounty, resource. C-E, the mountain with its natural resevoirs. Saturn’s wife Rhea, meaning ease, is the the grand mountain mama. We go to mountain to pray and receive god’s shall’t nots. 10th house rules rules, traditions structure, discipline, status. We’ve left wild Ecclesiastes and entered the Song of Old King Solomon. The sign has lotsa old-people energy.It rules ages 63-70. The orthodoxy. Moses, too, whom god told to build a tabernacle from goat hair. Cuz goats symbol endurance. Capricorn rules the knees: prayer;  skeleton: structure; and the skin: containment. Energy of renunciation, atonement, penance, retribution.

Cap people areretiring, reserved and most self-preservational on the flip side they can be too strict, rigid w/ themselves and others. Reward/ punishment. Faith is their superpower, fear their shadow; Panic from Pan the goat god. At this point Jesus is arrested, incarcerated so begins the tragedy from Greek tragodia,Goat Song.Jesus now playsthe Scapegoat, an ancient sacrifical figure that saves us all by taking on all our sins. Do Cap people tend to be scape-goated? Uh, yea. And, as self-preservation, as we are; we can also be the most self-sacrificing. I would absolutely take the hit if I could rid us all..Well Capricorns are resigned, resolute. And resistant!


Arrest? Incarceration? Capricorn bids we ask ourselves for what are we willing to sacrifice, on faith, and for what reward. We make our N.Y.’s resolutions in Capricorn to give up X.Out with the old. Saturn is sacrificed, cut down. His emblem the sycthe, a sickle. He is Old Father Time, the grim reaper. We should do thatsong.At Winter Solstice the young Oak King whacks the old Holly King, Saturn, Santa. Solomon. Obiwan Kenobi. Oh and the real Jesus? So not a Capricorn. Nope, he’s a Pisces. They added two months to the calendar since then—there are no lambs in December.This song on theme of incarceration and resolution was written by a Capricorn born on Christmas day.

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