Aries 12° (April 1)

Panicky ride to Boston. I’m so not used to this. Stopped for gas and breakfast in Orleans. I need to log even small expenses these days. The doctor visit was mixed and then had a little lunch at Cornish Pasty which is so delicious. Tiki Masala! Picked up some room supplies at Eatery. Meeting professor from B.U. and Emerson, picking brains on theater/venue space. I feel almost incapable of doing this kind of work which is maybe why I should push myself to do it. I will get email address for Gene so I can send him and Ken my thoughts. It is all doable. I just have to get back to the doing. A bite at Uni costs a fortune but I haven’t been on any kind of vacation for so long. Still no word from the chefs I suggested should come for dinner. 

My experience living and working in publishing and fashion and television and theater as well as public relations and branding, in New York City in my twenties and thirties, seasonally haunting London, Paris and Milans, all contributed to the extraordinary success of Sextrology. Both the style and the content of the book were consciously designed and created to reflect the gritty-glamorous world in which we lived and thrived. Though the pen names were originally put in place for purposes of anonymity, now they would become larger-than-life avatars fashioned to pack a PR and promotional punch in the press and broadcast media, as well as with public appearances, events and, ultimately, live performance. My social circle was made up of many stylists who could dress us in designer wear; writers and editors poised to publish stories on us, PR people to stage events and public appearances and arrange cross promotions with hotels and luxe products. We were not your grandmother’s astrologers—Vogue tagged the brand “brilliant and sexy”—and though I am now of a certain age, I still do my best to act and look the part and remain on brand.

The thing is, it was a carefully crafted marketing strategy to position the brand as such: “The duo behind Sextrology, a wildly popular astrology tome whose straightforward attitude has been embraced by the chic set” (Vogue), and “the favored astrologers of fashion insiders” (Elle), “Starsky + Cox’s popularity with the hipperati has made them household names” (Marie Claire). And the strategy worked—we became “a word-of-mouth phenomenon” (Time) who scored a “marketing triumph” (Vanity Fair), all under our own steam. A slew of press ensued, and I herein provide a smattering of “praise,” (below) from myriad publications including all the Vogue(s), Time, O, Us, InStyle, Marie Claire, GQ, Elle, Vanity Fair, The New York Times, The Boston Globe, The San Francisco Chronicle, The New York ObserverThe Times of London, (the front page of) The Daily Telegraph, (the cover of) The Scotsman magazine and The New York Times “T” magazine—in this case, actress Robin Wright was pictured wearing pieces from our own AsterCast fine-jewelry collection, which is currently being relaunched—pin in that.

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