Pisces 6° (February 25)


Pisces 8° (February 27)


What dreams may come. Two clients today. What I’m realizing is emerging as an overall client theme this year is pulling triggers. It’s time. A. and K. each in their own way are ready, willing and able. I will drive to Orleans and speak to Darry. She has a chilling Boston Marathon terrorism story to tell. I notice if I don’t concentrate on what I’m writing I may write words that are similar to those I’m stringing together, first, in the narrative in my head, mostly sound-alikes, but they might be strange ones indeed. I do not have longevity in my family and on my nervy Irish side especially the minds tend to burn brightly but extinguish early. That may just simply be my fate. We shall see. Get thee behind me eight ball. En route to creating new memories, I dissolve myself in the forceful soup, enough, purified by detachment (Aquarius) and free to roam the particle landscape, pixelated. I dreamt of little boxes containing various sized tiny balls, bellets, colored the palest robins egg blue each collection of miniscule spheres could be put into some kind of projector where it they translated, all together, into a single film. I had about a dozen of these collections. Some of the smallest pellets, like dust, were getting lost and I wondered what ill effect it might have on the short motion pictures they equalled and generated. The actual date of this dream was morning of Mardi Gras some several days hence. Why I feel it’s important to say that currently beats me.

Capricorn is a correction itself to the excesses of the previous sign of Sagittarius. I write a single sentence and then stop. It is the cardinal earth sign one translation of which is a mountain, a cone, offering containment, singularly, or in a range. My arms often sieze when i write, energy bottling up. It’s not even eight in the morning. I don’t actually have to do anything. I set myself deadlines, the nearest of which is the start of the astrological new year. That’s just the way it is going to be. From this day forward, friends, let’s see the humor and get ourselves back on track. We all have different means of finding some meaning and some relief. I realize that I am triggered about personal life issues all the time since the start of this administration. Woe it is to all of use. I wish I could help “the base” (play on words?). There is no reason to make excuses. I look for reasons for being a lazy git but there aren’t any. So what I’ve decided to do was just shut up and figure it all out and forge ahead as best I can and I will have produced something, anything.

Beginning tomorrow I must start the new routine. I must read for at least hour per day. Television, such as it is the winter entertainment will be relegated to the back burner by spring in anycase, despite the premier of GOT third season. My goal is not to watch any more series otherwise. I’m a doc queen, always have been always will be. I will feel so good about myself if I just focus on what positive thing at a time. So I will feature a book a day from my library while reading at least one a week. Maybe do a cosmic book club theme per week. We are making all of the websites fertile and exciting. All the words I have to say about the festival will be posted on those pages. I will share old shots from the archives, one a day on Instagram. I’m happy to be returning to the Marlton. It will be wonderful to book ten clients over, say, five days, working in the mornings. It is one of our homes away from home that’s for sure. Otherwise we are Eliot queens of the first order. I am always feeling this close.


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